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Google Pixel 4a prolonged delay spotlights other mid-range phones instead


With Google’s decision to prolong the delay of its Pixel 4a release, media outlets have noted that it paved the way for other mid-range smartphones to shine in 2020.

The Google Pixel series has since been dubbed as the best mid-range smartphone. However, as we now enter the last month of the second quarter without any Google Pixel 4a update, other brands are taking the spotlight.

The Google Pixel 3a is a proven and tested mid-range phone. It is considered by many consumers and analysts as the best phone to buy in this category.

Techradar notes that Pixel 3a is the “best cheap phone alternative to the priciest smartphones,” as it was able to produce high-quality photos as if taken from a flagship phone. What can only overthrow Pixel 3a from its rank is its successor alone, the Google Pixel 4a.

Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case.

iPhone SE 2020 is making a mid-range breakthrough

Apple’s iPhone flagships have always been a luxury mobile brand. This year, the tech giant has found a way to expand its audience and its market range by releasing a new version of its SE series.

Before, the iPhone SE—which used to have an iPhone 5 body with an iPhone 6 capacity—did not successfully pan out as Apple may have hoped because there were better mid-range phones available then—the Google Pixel series.

Many could say that Apple made a mid-range comeback with its iPhone SE 2020. Its specs are quite the stunner, and consumers of the mid-range market are getting persuaded.

This, unfortunately, threatens the hold of the Google Pixel series from the number one rank in the mid-range category.

2020 is missing the ultimate mobile showdown

With 2020 almost halfway down, the tech community is missing the ultimate battle of specs between Apple’s iPhone SE and Google’s Pixel 4a, that’ll prove which smartphone actually deserves to be called the best mid-range smartphone in the market.

The media outlet even noted that when the SE was released in April, everyone was “big showdown between Google and Apple’s mid-range handsets.” Unfortunately, with another month ending without an update, Pixel 4a solidifies the iPhone SE 2020 domination in this category.

Not to mention, hogging all the sales from the consumers who are in the market for an affordable but fully capable smartphone right now. Also, in TT Technology’s latest YouTube post, he highlights the mutual comment of his followers saying that “it’s too long to wait now,” and will no longer buy the Pixel 4a, due to its prolonged delay.

Other mid-range phones aside from iPhone SE

iPhone SE still a tough competition, despite the absence of Google Pixel 4a. Xiaomi Mi 9 is identified as the “best value mid-range phone,” which is considered to be a top-notch budget flagship.

Other notable mid-range phones that were launched this year are Motorola Moto G8 Power,  OnePlus 8, and Samsung Galaxy A51.

Can Pixel 4a still hype up the market? Or will Google cede to Apple this year, and prepare for the grand release of Google Pixel 5?

Featured image courtesy of TT Technology/YouTube Screenshot

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