Pixel 4a vs. iPhone SE: Which is the better ‘value’ phone?

Google Pixel 4a vs. iPhone SE: Which is the ultimate value smartphone?

The Pixel 4a and the new iPhone SE are 2020’s best “cheap” phones. But which one is the better device?

There is no hint of doubt that the new iPhone SE is the most attractive phone. With Apple’s A13 Bionic chip and top-of-the-line camera offerings in tow, alongside a price you can’t refuse to, the second-generation iPhone SE could just very well be the one to beat.

But with the announcement of the Google Pixel 4a, Apple’s newest iPhone’s reign seemed to have been shaken up. Google’s latest mid-ranger is also definitely in a league of its own – a modern OLED screen, Snapdragon 730G chip, and a highly capable single 12.2-megapixel wide camera, just to name a few.

Still, one has to know: Which one is the better deal?

Pixel 4a: Android’s best value phone

Google has finally revealed the successor of its hugely successful Pixel 3a from 2019. Unlike its predecessor, however, the Pixel 4a brought a slew of “firsts” for the series.

There is its trendier aesthetics, headlined by a 5.81-inch OLED, which also features a near bezel-less display. This is only interrupted by a display cutout, which a first in the lineup.

The Pixel 4a also boasts an excellent camera performance, which is expected from the Pixel series. The phone also comes with a headphone jack – a feature that already bid adieu years ago in the iPhone series.

If you also happen to be a self-proclaimed purist, the Pixel 4a’s clean build of Android 10 OS should satisfy you. As it is, there are the three-year guaranteed updates.

Nevertheless, the Pixel 4a didn’t come without some drawbacks. Chief of these is the absence of wireless charging and its overall, less durable build.

Apple’s new iPhone SE

The 2020 iPhone SE is a remarkable phone, especially for consumers whose practicality abound. Alongside its USD 399 starting price tag, Apple managed to equip it with some jaw-dropping features, most of which can be experienced from the more premium iPhone 11.

At the helm is the Apple A13 Bionic chipset, which is just beyond faster than that of the Pixel 4a’s SoC, let alone all Android smartphones. Like its counterpart, the newest iPhone also boasts a reliable rear camera, front-lined by its rear 12MP sensor.

Other key features of the second-gen iPhone SE are its support for Qi wireless charging, unmatched update support, and IP67 dust-water resistance.

On the other hand, the iPhone SE has a dated design and doesn’t come with a headphone jack.

So, which is the best value phone?

In the realm of performance – the new iPhone SE easily beats the Pixel 4a. The same can be said with the assurance that this phone will be able to receive important software updates for five years or longer.

This doesn’t indicate though that Google Pixel 4 is not competitive. It certainly has a better design, a more-than-decent performance, and an equally consistent seeding of software updates.

As it stands, the notion of preference couldn’t be overstated in this regard. It will come down to this, and then, there is your budget, of course.

Image courtesy of Nick Ackerman/YouTube Screenshot

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