Google Pixel 4a delayed, device launches alongside Android 11 Beta

Google Pixel 4a lurkers will have to wait a little while for the release of the infamous budget phone.

It appears that a June release along with Android 11 Beta launch looms on the horizon. The fierce competition in the smartphone industry is finding no rest during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Companies continue to be on the offensive to take a bigger slice of the market share. A couple of years back, Apple made an unprecedented move of selling a AU$ 1,500 smartphone with the iPhoneX.

This year, they are bringing the war down to the budget phone area with the iPhone SE. This segment is heavily dominated by Samsung because of its wide range of phones available in this price point. Apple wants a piece of that pie, and so does Google.

Unfortunately, Google Pixel fans will have to wait a little while longer to see if the Pixel 4a is worth waiting for.

Pixel 4a will launch sometime in June

According to earlier reports, the Pixel 4a was supposed to launch sometime during this month because of the launch history of Google. For the past launches of the Google Pixel, the company has been launching it in the Google I/O event held during May. With this year’s Google I/O event cancelled, the launch will of the phone this month will not push through.

Instead, solid rumors are pointing to a June launch of the Pixel 4a after the Android 11: The Beta Show. The Android 11 unveiling will be on June 3, and people expect the Pixel 4a to be announced online on June 5.

The delayed launch of the Pixel 4a might be a strategic move on the part of Google. Currently, the iPhone SE is taking over the budget flagship category by storm. It is seeing massive successes in territories where it performed poorly before. Some users are even jumping ship towards the Apple ecosystem because the price point is just hard to ignore.

As such, the delayed launch of the Pixel 4a might be just to let the fanfare over the iPhone SE die down before the Pixel takes over the category again.

Pixel 4a specs sheet

There are several different rumors surrounding the Pixel 4a. The only confirmed one is it will definitely be priced at a relatively affordable rate. The 5G capabilities of the phone is still to be confirmed. Some rumors are also pointing that the screen with either be a 5.4-inch or a 5.5-inch OLED panel.

It will also ship with just one camera, but will be equipped with Google’s powerful AI camera technology. The trade off between the number of camera lenses and the AI technology has always been pushed by Google. The company is confident that their camera system is still the best in the market despite not having the most number of camera lenses.

Image courtesy of Daniel Romero/ Unsplash and Jakob Owens/ Unsplash

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