Google Pixel 5, a 5G flagship phone without compromise

Google Pixel 5, a 5G flagship phone without compromise

The Google Pixel 5 announced this morning, is the latest 5G flagship phone that offers both hardware power and software prowess.

Last night, Google launched the latest MadebyGoogle products. The lineup included the newest Google Chromecast, the Google Nest, Google TV, and the new Pixel phones. All the devices are superb consumer products that combine both hardware and software advancements at an affordable price.

It is particularly true for Pixel 5. At a realistic price tag of just $AU 999, not only do users get flagship features but also incredible Google software enhancements.

Google Pixel 5 joins the 5G movement

After a year and a half, Google finally joins other companies in implementing 5G on their phones. Its competitor Samsung paved the way last year. After such, other smartphone companies followed suit. Now in seemingly a strategic move ahead of the Apple launch, Google announced the Google Pixel 5 with 5G bands.

The phone doesn’t have all the bells and whistles in its hardware. Instead, it only showcases what users really look for in a phone. It has an edge to edge 6-inch screen display with a tiny hole punch camera on the top left corner. The front-facing selfie camera is an 8-megapixel lens.

On the back, the Google Pixel 5 only has two lenses, one 12.2-megapixel sensor, and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide lens. All three camera lenses on the phones are equipped with the signature Google image processing software. The company even took it further by taking advantage of AI.

Portrait shots that were taken on the phone and even those taken five years ago can be retouched with proper lighting using AI. Google calls this the Portrait Light.

Elephant in the room

Google Pixel 5 only ships with Snapdragon 765G. In other words, the processor that runs this flagship phone is the same that runs the Google Pixel 4a 5G. Google has been adamant in keeping the price of the Pixel phones low. As such, it makes up for it by pairing the third-party chipset with their own Titan M Chip.

Google is even rumored earlier this year that it will produce its own chips in the future. Nevertheless, Google is pushing the Pixel 5 as a daily driver both for gamers and regular users. It wasn’t shy to put forward all cloud-based operations on the phone such as playing games on Stadia and playing ultra-HD videos.

The latest flagship phone from Google has 8GB of RAM and a non-expandable internal memory of 128GB. It starts shipping on October 15 in 9 countries.

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