Google Pixel 5 devices are having a serious error

The latest Google Pixel 5 devices are showing a considerable problem. There is a gap between the phone’s frame and the display, lowering its IP rating.

Google Pixel 5 device owners are complaining of a gap between the display and the frame. This gap is not seen all over the edge, but it is noticeable in some areas. That gap is not big, but the users can see the parts inside the phone.

Many pixel users are complaining about the same and are spamming the company with these questions.

Not only this, but this is concerning the public about the credibility of the device. Many pictures of the issue are spreading all over social media.

The company is still not commenting on the issue. However, there are no software defects on the phone, and only the aesthetic imperfections are there. The flaw is also not all over the smartphone body, but it is there on some phone parts.

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 is the newest version of the pixel series. Also, it has many more features than the previous version of the series. The pixel 5 has a much larger battery with wireless reverse charging.

Also, it supports 5G connectivity for the future and a better network. The smartphone has minimal is and simple design. It has a hole punch front-facing camera and tiny bezels around the display.

It has 128 GB storage, and it does not support microSD cards. The smartphone is available in two colors, black, and Sage.

The smartphone’s body is made up of matte polycarbonate. Also, the smartphone is IP68 water-resistant. The smartphone price is 699 USD, and the shipping of the product has begun on October 15.

Complaints and response

The users are complaining a lot about Google pixel 5. The model reviewers are saying that the design of the model is not up to the mark. Not only this, but many users are having a bad time with the Matte finish of the product.

The reviewers are saying that the Matte finish of the product has a candied coating. The reviewers are also saying that the variant’s chipset is cheap as the process of making the chipset includes recycled aluminum; users are not happy with that.

The new issue of the frame detaching itself from the screen is increasing the concerns of the owners. The users think that it will hamper the phone’s water resistance. They are pretty angry with the company regarding the price and the quality of the product.

The company has still not provided any apology or explanation for the issue of Google Pixel 5. However, the owners are looking forward to a reply from the company. They are hoping that the new issue will not hamper the water-resistance of the device.

Image courtesy of Vantage_DS/Shutterstock

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