Google Pixel 5 is just about ready to take off

Google Pixel 5 is just about ready to take off

Google Pixel 5 just passed through FCC approval which could mean that the launch of the company’s new smartphone is imminent.

Earlier this year, there were speculations that Google is giving up on its smartphone department. Their performance hasn’t necessarily been stellar, but they do know that they have a nice solid fanbase. Be that as it may, the opportunity cost for the company seems slim.

This reality forced Google CEO Sundar Pichay to admit the hardships that their smartphone department is facing. Nonetheless, the company is still moving forward with its Pixel line up. In fact, it just passed a crucial step before it is ready for take-off.

Google Pixel 5 just passed FCC certification

Before a device hits the market, the government has to inspect it first. In the United States, the office in charge of it is the FCC. Once a product is confirmed to have passed its rigorous tests, signals point to its imminent release. Unfortunately, passing through the FCC doesn’t reveal which exact date a product will be launched.

Droidlife discovered these FCC certifications. There were a total of four phones that were certified in the process. The model numbers that came up were GTT9Q, G5NZ6, and GD1YQ. These phones could likely be the iterations on the Google Pixel 5 with varying RAMs and internal memory capacity. One thing that unifies these models is its Wireless Power Transfer (WPT).

The last phone in the certification has the model number of G6QU3. In its certification, it showed approval of its LTE and 5G bands. However, it doesn’t have WPT. In other words, it could be the Google Pixel 4a 5G. As its name suggests, it will just be a Google Pixel 4a with additional bands for faster connections.

What to expect from the new premium phone?

As mentioned earlier, the Pixel 5 will now feature wireless power charging. Although a bit late compared to its peers, it is still a welcome addition. It will also feature the latest and fastest Android 11, which has always been one of the best selling points of Pixel phones.

Google Pixel 5 faces stiff competition in its camera systems. It has always boasted the best photo processing systems. However, Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones are now matching the quality of images that the Pixel phones produce. As such, it will be up to Google if they will arm the new phone with additional lenses.

If they do, they could take mobile photography again to another level and force the industry to innovate.

Image from Daniel Romero/ Unsplash

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