Google Pixel 5 leaked pictures confirm rumors

Google Pixel 5 leaked pictures confirm rumors

Two real-life Google Pixel 5 pictures leaked online, and they confirm the earlier rumors about Google’s flagship phone line after the Pixel 4a.

Google is in a place where no company wants to be in. They know they have a good product and has a loyal market. However, they also know that in order to stay competitive, they have to be relevant. Unfortunately, their products don’t have the same resounding effect on consumers as Samsung and Apple smartphones have.

Nevertheless, they keep trudging forward to crack the code in getting a larger share of the pie. There was a scare that they would not push through anymore with their smartphone department. However, they’re still here and are about to release their latest Google Pixel phone.

Google Pixel 5 real-life pictures leaked

Considering the heightened security that Google promotes for its users, there seems to be a leak hole in its smartphone department. Two leaked photos of the Google Pixel 5 surfaced on Twitter. It confirms what many expected the phone to look like. The design is quite familiar, which is similar to the Google Pixel 4a.

Based on the visual texture, the back panel will be made out of polycarbonate. In other words, this phone is expected to be lightweight. To compensate for the cheaper material used, Google will probably implement a textured pattern at the back. It also includes a fingerprint scanner at the back, which has been a Google Pixel signature for quite a while.

The camera module features only two lenses. One will be the regular lens, and the other is expected to be an ultra-wide-angle lens. This is still a testing and development phone. The externals could be different from what will actually be released.

Conflicting release dates on the flagship phone

Google is not only expected to release Google Pixel 5 this year. It is also foreseen that the company will release the Googe Pixel 4a 5G.

The internals between the phone will be different. The flagship phone is expected to have a bigger battery and a bigger RAM. However, the chipset running the two phones could be similar, which is the Snapdragon 765G processor. If this is true, it will be a big turn off for its fans as the flagship line always had the latest flagship processor from Snapdragon.

The release date of the phone around the world could be staggered. Techcheck was able to unearth September 25 as the specific release date for Germany. However, a Google France blog seemed to have accidentally leaked that the pre-orders will start on October 8. These dates are still up for debate, but one thing for sure is that a new Google phone will release either in September or October.

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