Google Pixel 5 might have metal and plastic casing combo

Google Pixel 5 might have metal and plastic casing combo

The Google Pixel 5 casing could be a combination of plastic and metal, based on a recent spec sheet leaked by a Google tipster.

Google is about to foray back into the smartphone territory again. The launch of the Google Pixel 4a was a relative success for what the cheap smartphone offered.

However, the name of the game still lies within the flagship market. If Google continues to fail to impress heavy Android smartphone users, it might be the end of the road for its smartphone department.

In just a matter of weeks, Google will be releasing Google Pixel 5. As of the moment, only a few details about the flagship phone are confirmed. However, it’s the build of the phone that’s driving fans confused as of the moment.

Google Pixel 5 could be plastic and metal?

The material build of a phone plays a significant role in determining whether a phone is a flagship or not. Make it plastic, and then the phone is automatically either a low-end or a mid-range phone at best. Make it metal, and then the feels will instantly be premium.

Google hasn’t been shy about breaking the stereotype. It used plastics on the premium Pixels before and even used an all-plastic build for the Pixel 4a. They did it right for the cheaper model, and they can do it again on their premium lineup.

Roland Quandt, a Google tipster, shared that he has his hands on a spec sheet on the Google Pixel 5. Instead of shedding light on the details about the phone, it just confused him even more.

Initially, the spec sheet revealed that the phone could be built entirely in plastic. However, he was quick to backpedal on everything as the spec sheet went on to say that the phone could be made in metal too.

Pixel launch on September 30

Google hasn’t officially announced the release of the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. However, many expect the two phones to be released on September 30. There, Google is expected to release more than just phones.

It is also anticipated to release the new Google Chromecast. The new latest update will not be completely reliant on a smartphone anymore. Instead, it will be a full-fledged streaming device that has built-in Google Assistant. In other words, it will be directly competing with Apple TV and Roku devices.

As such, Google is also completely rebranding Android TV. In its stead, Google is also expected to reveal Google TV.

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