Google Pixel sold 52% more units in 2019 than its previous year

Google Pixel sold up to 52% more units in 2019 than its previous year

Google Pixel sold up to 52% more units last year than in 2018. The growth could positively be attributed to the consistent price drops throughout its campaign.

2020 is the year for 5G and mid-range smartphones. As of writing, only Apple and a couple of other smartphone companies do not have a 5G capable phone. On the flip side, the majority of the companies already have a mid-range smartphone out in the market.

The battle for smartphone supremacy is two-fold. One is in tech development and enhancement. The other is in total units sold. Samsung currently holds the title for both. However, some experts would say that they are only second or third in innovation ranking.

Several other companies are trying to chomp off a piece of the smartphone pie. One of those is Google. Surprisingly, they fared well in 2019

Google Pixel sold up to 52% more units

IDC, a global market intelligence firm, reported that Google sold up to 52% more units in 2019 than the previous year. The firm’s method is quite reliable, considering that its data is gathered from retailers themselves.

The factors that contributed to the growth of the Google Pixel sales is not specifically determined. Nevertheless, it can be inferred that the sales were boosted by Google’s pricing strategy.

Last year, Google launched the Google Pixel 3a at a mere AU$ 649. The mid-range phone shared several features of the Google Pixel 3. Not long after Pixel 3a’s, Google immediately dropped the price of the Google Pixel 3 within the same range.

Google did not release the actual number of its Pixel phone sales. However, Google CEO Sundar Pichai reported earlier this year that the Pixel business grew significantly.

Pixel lineup troubles

The growth of Pixel sales is good for the company. Be that as it may, Google’s numbers still don’t stack up against its true competitors such as Samsung and Apple. IDC reports that Google sold over 7.2 million units last year across its lineup. This number is dwarfed by Apple’s 73.8 million units sold in just the 4th quarter of 2019.

Google still has a long way to par with its competitions, but the struggle may not be prolonged further. There are also rumors indicating that Google may completely ax the Pixel line-up sooner than later, but that remains unconfirmed.

The key to this decision will most probably be the release of the Google Pixel 4a later this year. If the company still performs poorly, Google may just move on from trying to crack the smartphone market.

Image courtesy of MadebyGoogle/ Youtube


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