Google Pixel Watch might be underway if patent leak is true

It appears that Google is working on the Pixel Watch after all. A recent patent leak points to the possible existence of the smartwatch with an interesting feature.

For many years now, fans have been asking Google to release its own flagship smartwatch. The Pixel Watch has been in development for many years, and its release has been canceled a couple of times. Fans have been waiting since 2016 for Google to officially release the smartwatch.

Patent leak confirms Soli gesture commands

A recent leak reveals that Google is working to integrate Soli gesture commands into the Pixel Watch. The patent is dated January 2019 but the United States Patent Office just release it recently. If this is true, Google has been working on this for at least a year.

The Pixel Watch has been in development for several years, the recent patent points to a possible new feature. The patent refers to Soli technology. This technology is already in Pixel 4, and Google might be working to add it to its smartwatch.

Soli technology allows the user to control a device using various hand and wrist gestures. Many refer to it as a gesture command. The technology allows users to access various features of their device through simple hand and wrist gestures.

One interesting feature in the patent allows users to possibly close apps by simply clenching their fist and releasing it. Another gesture control uses the thumb. Additionally, tapping the thumb in a number of ways can allow users to perform different functions.

Rumors claim that the patent can possibly support custom gestures. This will allow users to create their own gestures and bind them to a particular function.

Google Pixel development

The Google Pixel has been in development for many years. Originally slated for a 2016 release, Google pushes the official release schedule to further develop it.

Whether Google is working on the smartwatch is still unknown. Some rumors claim that the tech giant might have licensed the development to a different developer.

The recent patent leak has breath life to what many consider as dead hardware. There are a number of smartwatches in the market, but this particular hardware did not enjoy mainstream success. Google also has its own software for this product, Wear OS.

The recent patent leak about the Google Pixel Watch is a welcome development for many fans expecting the smartwatch.

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