Google Play introduces Kids tab with ‘Teacher Approved’ apps

Google Play launching a new Kids tab offering

The all-new Kids tab is now live on Google Play with authenticated “Teacher Approved” applications. Google just helped all the parents around the world with its early launch decision.

Google recently announced through its official blog that it is launching a new Kids tab on Google Play that is dedicated to “Teacher Approved” mobile apps.

According to the tech giant, the apps that will be displayed in this new section will be those that meet its standards and are rated excellently by teachers and educators. 

Thus, every “Teacher Approved” app in the Kids tab will also come with a list of reasons the teachers love them. Each description will also include information regarding what the app is trying to teach kids.

Rollout earlier than planned

With the current coronavirus crisis, kids are now spending most of their time inside the house, and likely busy in front of a screen.

Because of this, it is perfectly understandable for parents nowadays to be thinking of having their kids be engaged in more productive or educational activities instead while staying home.

This is where the new Kids section on Google Play will come into play. Google had originally intended to roll out the Kids tab later this year.

However, it decided to launch it now considering the current quarantine state, so that parents and their kids can start taking full advantage of the dedicated section.

Mindy Brooks, the director of UX at Google Play, wrote in the blog post announcement:

We decided to launch the Kids tab a bit earlier than planned because parents who have tried it out told us that it’s been helpful, especially now with their kids home from school and spending more time with screens. Because it’s early, you may not see some of your favorite apps in there just yet, but we’re adding new content as quickly as possible.

Making sure the apps are appropriate

In choosing the apps to be included in the new Kids tab, Google is making an extra effort to make sure every title is not only engaging but also enriching for young minds.

For good measure, the tech giant has joined forces with educational experts and teachers all over America, including its top advisors Joe Blatt of Harvard Graduate School of Education and Dr. Sandara Calvert of Georgetown University.

As for the “Teacher Approved” badge, it is granted only to apps that meet the right combination of attributes. 

So which attributes exactly? According to Google, they include:

  • Age-appropriateness
  • Quality of experience
  • Enrichment
  • Delight

Google Play is also taking a step further by having every app listing come with a list of reasons the app has been approved by teachers.

Google Play launching a new Kids tab offering "Teacher Approved" apps

Continuing to do its part in the fight against COVID-19

Among tech brands today, Google has been one of the most active in using its technology and influence to help combat the coronavirus pandemic, as well as provide resources and options for those staying at home.

Earlier this month, for instance, the company had decided to start offering its Stadia gaming service, free of charge.

And just days ago, Google also promised to display virtual care options on its Search and Maps results, for the sake of those folks needing health care while stuck at home.

Perhaps one of its most notable efforts recently is its decision to partner up with Apple in developing a contact tracing technology to fight against COVID-19. 

Images courtesy of Google

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