Google Play Music bids goodbye, YouTube music to the rescue

Its official, Google Play Music will bid goodbye soon. YouTube Music, on the other hand, comes as the users’ new home for listening and discovery.

On Tuesday YouTube Music unveiled a list of instructions on how Google Play Music subscribers will transit from their usual listening platform to their new music home. The release comes as another confirmation that Google Play Music will finally end soon.

Rumors spread for almost a year now about the Google Play Music coming to an end. Now Google puts an end to all speculations and confirmed that the well-loved music app will bid farewell sometime this year.

However, amid the Google Play Music shutdown news, the company introduced YouTube Music as the users’ new home for listening and discovery. Now Google makes then transition even easier for every subscriber.

In a blog post, YouTube announced the official transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. The blog even listed down step by step instructions on how users could effortlessly transfer their personal taste preferences to its newest app.

Smooth transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Google assured that before YouTube Music completely replaces Google Play Music, users will have access to both apps. This is to ensure that everyone will have ample time to transfer and adjust from their former home to their newest music app.

Google added that all Google Play Music subscribers will receive email instruction. The email will contain a step by step process on how to transfer their entire Google Play Music history to their new platform.

Transferring from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

According to the blogpost, to transfer the users’ music library to YouTube Music, the first step is to download the app from the App Store for iOS users. Android holders may get theirs from the Google Play Store.

On the YouTube Music app click transfer to initialize moving of the entire content including curated stations and personal taste preferences, personal and subscribed playlists, and more. YouTube Music home screen will then display the updated recommendations.

Aside from the home screen display, users will also be notified through email once the music library transfer is complete. Podcast listeners may also transfer their subscriptions to Google Podcasts by simply clicking the transfer option.

YouTube Music enhancements

Google also added feature enhancement on YouTube Music based on the user feedback they acquired. Among them is the extension of the playlist length from 1,000 to 5,000.

YouTube Music listeners can add up to 100,000 personal tracks in their library. This comes double to what Google Play Music can accommodate.

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