Google Play Music is officially changed to YouTube music

Google Play Music is no longer available on Android devices. It has been a week since the application is not available on Google nest.

Recently, the users are not able to use the Google Play Music application on their Google nest devices. However, the application was still there on Android devices. All the users were expecting the removal of the application until the end of the year.

However, and the surprise removal of the application is somehow giving the tension of the users. The company has been posting and warning the users about removing the application on the music store’s webpage.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a music and podcast streaming service. The company owns the online Music Locker in which one can find music online and save it in the cloud. The platform provides free, and AD supported radio to the users.

One of the streaming service’s unique features was that the user could also transfer his offline library into the cloud. The users with standard accounts can upload and listen to 50,000 songs from their libraries at no cost.

YouTube music

The famous company that has a video streaming service, YouTube, owns YouTube music. YouTube Music is a music streaming service that is a subsidiary of Google. The application allows users to browse through songs and music videos on YouTube.

The application also has a variety of genres and playlists. Also, it provides recommended songs based on the previous listening history. Music on a free account but also has a premium tier.

In the premium accounts, the service offers ad-free playback and audio-only background playback. In addition to that, the service also offers to download songs for offline playback. The pricing starts at 1.75 USD.

The change to YouTube music

The company has been warning every user to switch to YouTube music and sync their library. Also, YouTube music has been announcing many new features onto the application.

Now, YouTube music can efficiently run on Android TVs. A user can upload songs to their YouTube music library and can access them from the TV.

Right now, the YouTube music premium cannot play music in the background after exiting the application.

The feature will come soon, though. The company is more focused on improving YouTube music as it is a subsidiary of the application. Users can also delete their data through play music.

Google Play music has given the users an option to switch to YouTube music or take out their data safety.

Eventually, If a user opens the application on their Android phone, a new message will pop up. The message will ask the user to switch to YouTube music.

Image courtesy of Sharaf Maksumov/Shutterstock

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