Google Play Music to officially shut down in December

Google Play Music to officially shut down in December

Google recently confirmed that it is finally pulling the plug off of its music streaming platform Play Music in December.

Google revealed a four-month timeline for the shutdown of Play Music. Word around the community is that the platform is being closed in favor of YouTube Music. Rumors also claim that Google has been seriously considering the shut down for several months already.

Based on the timeline, the platform’s music streaming service will be turned off between September and October. Additionally, users will be given until December to back-up their content before being transitioned to YouTube Music.

An underperforming platform

Many in the tech community are already expecting the shutdown to happen. They are just not certain as to when Google wants to pull the plug off. Considering its popularity, YouTube Music is the expected successor of the soon to be a defunct platform.

To help users, Google recently posted a blog sharing the steps for a seamless transition into YouTube Music. The blog also includes the timeline of the changes that are about to happen as the closure looms.

As part of the transition, Google highlighted some major changes which will take effect later this month. Play Music will no longer allow the Music Manager desktop app to download or upload music into the platform.

In terms of streaming, the feature will be turned off in New Zealand and South Africa in December. A global shutdown of the streaming service will take effect in October. The exact dates of the shutdown are still unknown.

Content migration and the future

Google also provided steps for users who want to migrate their Play Music content to YouTube Music. The tech giant released a tool that will make this transition easy for its users. Moreover, Google Takeout is also an efficient tool for exporting other content.

Google confirms that Play Music will be completely offline by October. However, all user content will still be available until December. This will give users time to migrate their content into YouTube Music.

Once the deadline expires, all subscriptions will be canceled. All Play Music will be completely offline thereafter. The tech giant said that it would properly notify users who will be affected by this transition.

Since the release of Android 10, Google has heavily pushed for the adoption of YouTube Music. With plans already laid out, Play Music will be relegated to just another tool in Google’s arsenal.

Image courtesy of Rami Al-zayat/Unsplash

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