Google powered crypto wallet ‘as easy as email’

google crypto

The creators of the world’s first Google powered crypto wallet hope to fuel mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by making them as “easy to send as email.”

Hut34, an Australian tech company, says users can sign-in with their Google credentials and securely access their Ethereum and Etereum-based tokens with a “single click.”

“We’ve built a solution that removes many of the friction points people hit,” said Hut34 Founder Tim McNamara.

“We’ve made sign-in super easy … and removed the need to understand the intricacies of private key management to get up and running.”

Google crypto
A screen shot from the Hut34 wallet sign-up page.

Taking crypto mainstream

Mr McNamara says he is confident that a better wallet experience will spur the next step towards mainstream crypto adoption.

“We are excited about the future applications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but as it stands access to and using the technology is too hard and time consuming,” he said.

“Only the highly motivated are willing to cross the pain threshold to enter the space.

“This discourages consumers and corporates and is a real barrier to broader crypto adoption.

“We want to help solve this problem and we believe the Hut34 wallet is a critical contribution to crypto infrastructure to bridge this gap.”

Google crypto
Hut34 Founder Tim McNamara

Is the crypto wallet secure?

Mr McNamara says Hut34 will have no access to a users funds at any time.

“Leveraging Google’s identity and security models means users can enter the crypto space seamlessly, maintain access to their addresses without having to store complex details, and not worry about anyone within our, or any other organisation getting access to their information,” he said.

In addition, the Hut34 developers say they’ve created an easy to use token conversion tool, which allows users to easily convert between Ethereum and other Ethereum based tokens.

“A lot of innovative technology and engineering hours went into developing this feature via a ‘decentralised exchange’ protocol called 0x (“Zero ex”),” the company said.

“The power of this tech cannot be underestimated as it has removed the need for crypto asset exchange to happen via any third party – which is a potentially risky undertaking.

“With the Hut34 wallet, your crypto assets remain in your control at all times.”

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