Google removes face retouching for selfies on Pixel devices

Google is removing its face retouching system on its pixel devices. The pixel devices are Pixel 4a, pixel 4a 5G and pixel 5.

Selfies have become a worldwide trend. On every occasion, people are taking selfies, and then they post it on their social media. With the invention of filters and face retouching for cameras, taking selfies became even more popular. But now Google has disabled its face retouching system in its pixel devices.

Taking a selfie is not bad, but taking selfies with filters can create consequences. Due to the face retouching system, people are affecting their nature. That’s why Google is turning off its face, retouching features on Pixel phones.

What are the changes?

Google has disabled its face retouching feature on Pixel devices. Those pixel devices are Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5. To make this possible, Google did a lot of research, talked to many experts. Not only this, but the company has also spoken to many children and mental health experts.

As per Google, face retouching and filters are mostly affecting teenagers and young adults’ mental health as the company is turning off its face retouching system by default in Google’s camera app.

Face retouching is a feature that changes the images into another form that threatens the originality of an idea. In the same way, it enhances the quality of a person’s appearance in a particular image. To conclude this, face retouching adjusts the skin texture, under-eye tone, and eye brightness of the user.

Why is Google doing this?

The company mentioned in a blog that a retouched selfie could make people feel wrong about how they look. Apart from this, the company says, “when users are not aware that a camera or photo app has applied a filter, the photos can negatively impact mental well being.”

Additionally, Google is making a distance from words like “beauty.” All of these words will be changed with natural language.

In addition to this, Google said, “This is one of many steps we are taking to support the well-being of the user and bring the user’s voice into our designing process.”

The information given by Google tells that more than 70% of photos on Android use the front-facing camera. Moreover, there are 24 billion photos that have been tagged as selfies in Google photos. In the same way, Most people take selfies with filters.

In short, People should click photos without filters, and this will allow people to express themselves. Google wants everyone to accept the way they are without hating their body image.

Image courtesy of Ali Jabber/Shutterstock

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