Google rolls out SmartReply feature into YouTube

Google recently confirms that it is rolling out the SmartReply feature into the company’s flagship video-sharing platform YouTube.

SmartReply is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to suggest user responses in Gmail. Now, Google is rolling out the same technology into YouTube, the biggest video platform on the Internet. Aside from Gmail, SmartReply is also available on Android Messenger, Play Developer Console, and several other platforms.

The new feature is now available on YouTube Studio. This is the same platform that content creators use to manage their accounts. Using the new integration, content creators now have more access to their channel and their fan base.

Artificial Intelligence application

The integration of SmartReply into YouTube gives content creators many ways to control their profile. They can now easily check their view stats, channel status, and engage more freely with fans. The feature also allows content creators to filter their comment section.

For content creators with millions of fans, SmartReply is a welcome feature. This allows them to easily interact with fans and partners easily through smart reply suggestions.

Replying to millions of fans is a somewhat daunting task. SmartReply allows content creators to interact with fans easily and intuitively.

The new Google SmartReply feature for YouTube uses artificial intelligence to create natural responses. Not only that, but the feature is engineered to also handle diverse contents like emoji and jargon. The feature is well-trained that it can detect grammar and abbreviation errors to help users.

Further expansion

While the SmartReply feature is currently exclusive to selected Google services, the tech giant has lofty goals for it. The tech giant is planning to roll out the feature into its more diverse set of services. As of this writing, the feature is only available on Inbox, Android Wear, Gmail, and Android Messages.

In a statement, Google Research scientist Rami Al-Rfou said:

“Ideally, suggestions would only be displayed when it is likely that the creator would reply to the comment and when the model has a high chance of providing a sensible and specific response.”

Aside from SmartReply, Google is also debuting an updated version of Smart Compose. This platform uses artificial intelligence in suggesting words to users while they are typing. The feature is currently available to beta users of the Gboard.

Google is banking heavily into its set of platforms that use artificial intelligence. While these are relatively minor updates, it is always a welcome addition to its growing technology.

Image courtesy of tanuha2001/Shutterstock

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