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Google Search dark mode to arrive very soon


Google is reportedly working on the roll-out of dark mode for Google Search, which will be good to lessen eye strain and fatigue.

Remember the time when computers still only had the colors black and green on the screen? It was some four or more decades ago. At a certain time when computer images and icons were invented, the screen just when bright and white.

Since its inception, white screen backgrounds have always been a bane for many users. It was only up until recently that developers realized that dark mode is actually better for the eyes.

Facebook has already tested dark mode in its apps and website browser version. Google, on the other hand, has still yet to officially announce dark mode on Google search site.

Google Search dark mode arriving soon

Recent rumors suggest that Google is already at the latter stage of the development of dark mode for its Google Search page. So far, the dark mode theme has only been made available on Android devices and some native apps.

Up until recently, dark mode on Google Chrome is only accessible through third-party apps. Some of these are laden with clunky programming which results in the lagging or crashing of Chrome.

Fortunately, Google is already working on providing a solution for it. As to what took them this long to figure this out is still a mystery. Maybe Google thought more of it as a want rather than a need for many of its users.

However, the reality is that it is actually a need that may provide some solutions to stresses caused to the eyes.

Working on dark mode is beneficial in many ways

Users have been clamoring for dark mode for three reasons.

First and foremost is the value of it for the health of the users’ eyes. Glares and bright white backgrounds cause eye strain after prolonged usage. Whereas, working on dark mode doesn’t exhaust the eyes too much. Having dark mode available is also good when working in low-light workspaces.

The second benefit of dark mode is overall battery efficiency. Toggling this feature, especially on devices with OLED screens, is a no-brainer. Dark mode uses lower power as the device is used. Once mini-LED becomes the norm, literal black spaces on the screen will have the physical mini light bulbs shut off.

Lastly, dark mode, for some, looks more appealing. It attracts less attention and mimics a switched-off phone which will be good against prying eyes.

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