Google shuts down Play Music Store and promotes YouTube Music

Google shuts down Play Music Store and promotes YouTube Music

Google is taking a leap of faith as the company announces the closing of Google Play Music and promotes its counterpart, YouTube Music. The ticking of the clock to shut it down starts now.

Are you an avid listener of music using Google Play Music? You might want to look for another music streaming application, such as the YouTube Music.

Because Google is deciding to shut it down by the end of this year. That’s according to Phonearena, the search engine company that is culling its own music streaming application.

Google instead promotes YouTube Music for streaming. The company is encouraging its users of Google Play Music to migrate to YouTube Music as the latter is no longer available on Google Play.

Goodbye Google Play Music Store

Google Play Music has been in the industry for more than nine years. Faced with adverse changes in the online music and podcast streaming competition, they managed to be in the game.

Comes the third quarter of 2020, the company announced that it will gradually kill the online music and podcast streaming services. Users of the said streaming service will now have to leave the platform, but for those who still prefer Google Play Music, the company has provided options.

If you still prefer to use and listen to Google Play Music Library, and still want to see personal recommendations, you need to migrate your library to YouTube Music. This is the only thing that works if you wish to use the soon-to-be old Google Play Music.

Second, if you want to keep the feel of using Google Play Music and not wanting to migrate to YouTube Music, there is a Google Takeout that can keep your music in the library. By downloading all your previously purchased music from Google Play Music, you can still manage the track, radio stations, and playlists in your library.

Lastly, you may opt to delete your Play Music Library including the recommendation history in Google Play Music.

Introducing YouTube Music


Replacing Google Play Music is YouTube Music. Since September, when the company decided to shut down the latter, the former is highly recommended as a replacement.

Like many other online music and podcast streaming services, YouTube Music offers the latest from your favorite artist, provides what is trending by using “The Hotlist,” listens to music offline, and more.

They also offer uninterrupted music streaming by subscribing to their Music Premium Plan. Under this plan, you may listen to your favorite playlist ad-free, you can still navigate other applications to your mobile phone freely and you may download your favorite songs and enjoy it offline.

Though the features of YouTube Music are much similar to its competitors, they can guarantee you complete and comprehensive music content. One of the unique features is if you don’t know the title of the song, just key-in the search bar the lyrics or words that describe that song.

Users of Google Play Music have at least two months to decide as this will be fully shut down by the end of the year.

Images used courtesy of CNET/YouTube Screenshot.

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