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Google Stadia Pro will have new games and the latest updates


Google has recently announced that a new Stadia Pro update will be available on YouTube this week.

Google is said to announce the latest updates and games that will be added to the platform for the current stadia users and for those who are still planning to. On the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the gaming industry is proving its worth to strengthen social distancing in the fight against COVID-19.

While people are staying at home, Google and other gaming companies are keeping people to stay at home. Hence, with the lockdown in place, Google is getting ahead of the opportunity to update its gaming platform.

Google had acknowledged the importance of video games in socializing with friends and families. Stadia gaming platform will meet the demands of video gaming during the lockdown.

Google Stadia Connect will take place on April 28 via Youtube

In the recent Twitter post, Google will be announcing its news games, as well as updates on the original games that are currently running in the platform. The teaser seen on Twitter revealed only the current games that are already in the Stadia platform.

Google offers stadia pro for free up to two months

In early January, Google guaranteed that more than ten Stadia exclusives will be released by July 2020, although there was no mention of the names of the games. However, it appeared that at the onset of the pandemic, Google had offered Stadia for free.

Anyone can have access to Stadia just by using their Gmail accounts. To support the lockdown, Google had offered its exclusive gaming service, Stadia Pro premium service for free.

In addition, Google had also given access to video gamers in selected 14 countries to the Stadia platform. Some of the games available on Stadia Pro are Destiny 2: The Collection, Gylt, GRID, Steamworld Dig 2, Serious Sam, Spitlings, among others.

To get hold of the free access, the Stadia App must be installed on either the IOS or Android device. Once the app is installed, the user can directly access the games on laptops and tablets.

What to expect on stadia pro

To provide a better gaming experience, Google has also enabled support for 4k gaming on the web. However, Google has also found a way out in reducing the screen resolution from 4k to 1080p. This is a better option for users to reduce their internet data load.

There is no final announcement from google what will transpire during the Stadia connect, but users will certainly benefit from it.

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