Google Stadia vs. Microsoft xCloud: What’s the best cloud gaming?

As of today, there are two leading cloud streaming services. It is the Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud. In the battle of the best cloud gaming, who reigns supreme?

Google Stadia is new to the industry. Microsoft Project xCloud continues to expand. The two streaming services keep on improving to become the best.


Playing video games no longer requires the player to pop a disc in their consoles. The best cloud gaming allows them to download the games and play with ease.

Subscriptions for the Google Stadia Pro is £8.99 monthly. The user can access to many games in 4k resolution at 60 fps. It also comes with HDR implementation.

The launching of the Google Stadia Base allows users to access low but free games in full HD. Albeit, there are games that the player can buy.

The prices for Project xCloud is not in details yet. Microsoft confirms that owners of Xbox One can use consoles as free virtual servers.

Players also have remote access to titles that they own as part of the feature. There is no confirmation yet if the non-console owners can sign up for an xCloud account.


The platforms where it can operate is what makes the best cloud gaming services. Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud do not need a dedicated console. It depends on the systems that the player already owns.

Google Stadia can operate on a Chrome web browser. Players can run it on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It also uses Google account. It means the player can pause their game at the desktop and resume playing on the phone if they want.

Stadia supports games on television. It includes Chromecast Ultra, and it also works in pixel phones. Recently, Stadia confirms that it can work in other brands of mobile phones.

Streaming quality

Due to the pandemic, several free games are available to download. Hence, the streaming quality is crucial.

Microsoft Project xCloud offers 4K and HDR gaming. Google Stadia also supports 4k gaming with 60 frames per second and HDR. But, if the internet is slow, it will reduce the resolution to 720p.

Best cloud gaming services

As of now, Stadia is still improving its features on its recent Google announcement. Some major game titles are also coming this year. Stadia confirms at least 120 upcoming games.

Microsoft will release more features and push through their preview. The company confirms that its cloud gaming service will be part of the Xbox Series X.

In the end, it all depends on the system the players already own and titles they want to play. Both are the best cloud gaming services in their fields.


Images courtesy of The Digital Wise/Pinterest, Gamers Discussion Hub/Pinterest

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