Google to allow disabling of smart features and personalization settings

Google is about to switch off the personalization settings accordingly for users and those who find it hard to cope with the new updates.

A new update enables the Giant tech company to stop tracking your behavior and help users use the smart feature’s “disable” feature.

The new update has been a negative experience for many users

Gmail is about to get new settings for turning off records usage that enables Google to provide innovative capabilities and personalization experiences.

These new settings will let you disable smart functions like automated sorting of emails in primary, social, and promotions category or smart compose while writing an email, or even precis cards that show up above emails.

Customers will even gain the capability to disable personalization capabilities like google assistant reminding you of your subsequent invoice payment or tour bundling your itineraries.

“We have known that the new feature has been a turn off for a lot of users, and we are finding subtle ways through which we can throw it off. We want to make sure that the users have a probable understanding that the smart feature is only there to help them out.”

“We want to try out better features in the future, but we also want to see if the users are comfortable with the changes and the settings we are doing accordingly. And that is the reason why we are using the “disable” feature from our customization.”

Google explains in its blog, “clever features rely upon your records to save you time and offer a more helpful experience, and we want you to use them due to the fact you find the cost in using them, not because they may be simply there.”

The tech giant says that these new settings might be enabled for a Gmail user and even a Google workspace administrator.

Users can now do things on their own

Users of Google will now be able to customize things on their own. It is probably the best for many users because it will help everyone choose something, basically that they want to.

Disabling the smart features will help everyone to chat, meet, and even work on their own. These smart features were allowed in Gmail, Chat, and Meet to use your data, and then you will not be getting the automatic email configuration every once in a while to customize your mails and even your data.


Image courtesy of Thaspol Sangsee/Shutterstock

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