Google to shut down their Question & Answer search

The tech giant, Google, who made big by providing one of the most diverse search engines, will consequently shut down their Q&A search feature.

According to the reports, Google gave the deadline for applying the same development as of June 30, 2021. After this period, the users won’t be able to use the feature anymore.

The shut down of the Q&A section by Google

Google’s Question & Answers segment is the never-ending division of Quora-like quick information snippets. Subsequently, they became sought after on multiple search results pages.

Although, now the tech-giant company decided to close the very same segment after two months. This means that the viewers won’t be able to seek the frequently asked questions that appear in amongst the search result.

How the Q&A segment stood out

The segment itself wasn’t a part of their basic layout initially.

Consequently, it found its way to the search engine a couple of years ago, quickly garnering the users’ attention.

The feature was, in fact, one of their most sought out segments on the world’s most significant search engines. A google survey report showcases how users found the answers to their queries way quickly with the aid of Q&A.

Touching or clicking on one of the topics and results usually populates the list.

The consequent range varies between search results with a few more related questions and answers underneath them.

Google also seems to permit publishers to respond to questions by users.

The alternative option for users

According to a statement by Android Police, the company will shut down this segment.

Subsequently, the segment that shows answers to questions linking to the search term near June 30. The tech giant updated its assistance page for the topic, notifying users that the segment is going away on the date.

Suppose there is an existing previous contribution by the user in response to questions and answers over the past couple of years. In such a case, the company states that users can head over to Google Takeout.

Subsequently, they can export their search contributions before they become extinct from the site at the end of June.

The need for the shut-down of the feature

The statement seems to imply that the feature is essential for the Indian market. Although, the company’s site does not consider this as an India-specific feature. 

“On Google Search, one can ask and answer questions about what one searches. Responses on Google Search don’t operate in all languages and all nations/regions,” is what Google’s documentation has to state about the following feature.


Image courtesy of Google/YouTube Screenshot

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