Google will not ask their employees to return to work earlier than June 1

Google will not ask their employees to return to work earlier than June 1

Google CEO Sundar Pichai discussed Google offices around the world will return to work in a “staggered” manner. The company will not rush the return of its employees to an on-site setup.

Companies, whether big or small, are slowly adapting to a new work from home setup for its employees. Most employees will have to return to their offices to work, but some may fully migrate to a work from home arrangement.

The Coronavirus pandemic forced companies to innovate for their businesses to continue, and Google led the way even before the Coronavirus was declared as a pandemic.

Staggered and incremental return to offices

Sundar Pichai discussed via email the intricacies of having Google employees return onsite to continue operations. He said Google offices around the world will not force the issue on having staff return back onsite.

He added that Google offices will have to follow local government recommendations as to when the return onsite will happen. Although, he ensured that Google offices will remain closed until June 1 for offices located in California.

There will be no one-size-fits-all approach, and the specific guidance will vary from location to location.

Maximum consideration for employees with special needs

The company CEO has the concerns of his employees as the foremost concern. He made sure that employees needing a special consideration shall be given leeway in his work arrangements.

He recognizes that there will be anxieties when people have to leave their homes to work. Some may be excited to be reunited with workmates, while others may be worried about leaving their families inside the houses.

For these types of employees, they were given the green light to arrange with their onsite managers to accommodate their requests.

High level principles across the company

The CEO noted in his email that the company has a high level principles especially in considering the return to work arrangement.

We were one of the first companies to move to WFH, we will be equally careful about our transition back to the office.

Google will continue to champion the flexible work arrangements for its employees. To echo this further, the company will continue to hold events remotely. Pichai adds that the company will re-imagine future work arrangements.

Nevertheless, Sundar Pichai thanked all employees that have to report onsite and in data centers.

Your work has made it possible for us to help millions of others. I am grateful for everything our global teams are doing to deliver on our mission under these difficult circumstances.

Image courtesy of Rajeshwar Bachu/ Unsplash

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