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Google’s Android TV dongle could cost as low as $49


“Sabrina” dongle has appeared in Home Depot’s internal system for $49, making it one of the more affordable media streaming devices on the market.

The “Sabrina” dongle will, reportedly, launch with Android TV onboard. It will come with a dedicated remote named “Abbey” that will offer a programmable button.

Meanwhile, the debut of the dongle is expected to concur alongside a revamped Android TV UI that’s more focused on content. And it could cost only $49 in the US and marks as one of the most affordable streaming devices.

Google’s Android TV dongle “Sabrina”

As seen from previous leaks, “Sabrina” may feature integration with Nest doorbells and video cameras. They are making it easy for users to see alerts right from their TV.

Additionally, it’s also been reported that the new dongle will usher in a new Google Assistant response UI as well as YouTube TV integration into the “Live” tab.

Price and Availability

According to Android Police, Google’s Android TV dongle will probably cost less than a Chromecast Ultra. This dongle is what we previously knew as Sabrina.

The price tag for Sabrina was found on the internal product list of the American Home Depot chain. Prominent and well-known retailers, including Target and Walmart, also give the audience a hint.

Interestingly, this chain of stores is not associated with a place to buy electronics. However, perhaps Google specifically decided to start selling there to maintain some secrecy.

It looks like Google has seriously decided to work on different devices with a more modest budget. First, we got reasonably affordable Google smartphones. But now it’s time for the Android TV dongle.

The new product from Google is worth noting that the $50 price tag. For such a large company, it is just the right decision if Google has decided to expand its fan base. Many believed that Google would ask for much more than this.

Home Depot’s internal listings show three different options: Como Blue, Rock Candy, and Summer Melon. However, many reports believe that Google might not forget about the standard black version.

The tech giant is expected to hold its next Made by Google event at the end of September or early October. The event is where the company might unveil this mysterious Android TV dongle. Together with Sabrina and Abbey, Google will also officially unveil the Pixel 4A 5G, Pixel 5, and a new Nest speaker.

Images used courtesy of XDA Developer

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