Google’s DeepMind faces suit over UK health data

Google’s AI department secures lawsuit over 1.6 million confidential NHS patient medical records.

DeepMind Faces: Google’s AI department, otherwise known as DeepMined, the Google-owned AI research company, is the subject of a lawsuit. The lawsuit focuses on the company’s use of the personal records of a whopping 1.6 million UK National Service patients, including confidential medical records.

According to PCGamer, DeepMind received the documents to create a health application the company calls Streams. It was supposed to be an AI-based assistant to help healthcare workers and was previously used by the British National Health Service. In August 2021, it was announced that Streams was now in the process of being downgraded.

DeepMind’s “health” sector is now returning a server error, according to DeepMind. The delivery of these patient records to one of the largest tech companies in the world was actually introduced in 2017 by New Scientist.

DeepMind Faces

In a specific report showing that particular DeepMind had access to more data that had, in fact, been publicly announced. The UK Information Commission has officially launched an investigation to find that the Royal Free Hospital has not done enough to protect the privacy of its patients. DeepMind then apologized.

Apple’s health team is facing internal issues that are preventing the official release of projects. Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner, noted over time that their investigation actually found a number of other gaps in the way patient data were being shared for the study in question.

Patients would also have noticed that they had a reasonable expectation that the particular information would be used in that particular way. The new lawsuit was reportedly initiated by Andrew Prismall, the main plaintiff, who was a patient at the Royal Free Hospital.

This includes approximately 1.6 million other affected patients on some opt-out basis. It was noted that all parties would be included in the particular action unless they requested otherwise.

Lawsuit: 1.6M Confidential Data

Prismall issued a statement noting that given all the positive NHS experience he has always had during his various treatments, he was very concerned to find out that a certain tech giant had obtained his confidential medical records.

It has been noted that as a patient who is undergoing a particular type of medical treatment, the last thing one might expect is their private medical records to be in the hands of the biggest tech companies in the world.

It should be noted that he hopes that the case will lead to a much better outcome and a closure for all patients whose confidential data has actually been obtained in this case, even without their knowledge or consent.

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