Google’s Fitbit vs. Apple Watch: Which is better?

The Fitbit is seriously lagging behind the industry leader, Apple Watch. However, the smartwatch may have another trick up its sleeve.

Despite being an apparent disappointment during its infancy, the smartwatch industry is having a resurgence this year. Smartwatches like Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy are now delivering a lot of features at affordable prices. However, based on market share, the Apple Watch appears to be leading the pack.

It comes as no surprise why the Apple Watch is on top. It is the flagship smartwatch of one of the world’s biggest tech companies. This leaves many smartwatches vying against each other for a relatively small piece of the market.


Perhaps the biggest feature of the Apple Watch is its organic compatibility with the iPhone. While Fitbit and Samsung smartwatches are also supported by the iPhone, their features are somewhat limited. This is why Apple’s flagship smartwatch is on top because it is the default wearable device for almost all iPhone users.

If Fitbit wants to challenge the Apple Watch, it must integrate well with the iPhone and other Apple devices. The smartwatch also has effective sleep tracking capabilities. This feature is virtually absent on the Apple Watch.

Much of the success of the smartwatch relies heavily on Google’s software suite. Google develops WearOS, which is the default operating system of many smartwatches. While it is more advanced compared to other wearable OS, Apple’s watchOS is becoming a stiff competitor.

So, if Google wants to beat Apple, it must provide a more robust software environment. With Apple ramping up its development division, Google still has the advantage on this.

Another important aspect to consider is hardware capabilities. One of the most important features of a smartwatch is battery life. This particular hardware issue has plagued the industry since the beginning. If Google can provide the Fitbit with a more powerful battery, that can be a real game-changer.

Google is running out of time

In terms of features, Apple’s watchOS is slowly catching up to Google’s WearOS. This should worry Google and should treat it as a sign to hasten its development of new features.

Apart from software, Google still has a wide range of hardware partners that sets it a little bit in front. On top of that, the Fitbit is still more affordable compared to the Apple Watch. This one particular aspect is what sets the smartwatch above its closest competitor.

Image courtesy of Morning Brew/Unsplash

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