GoPro Hero 9 might hit the market if strong sales continue

GoPro has yet to confirm the existence of the Hero 9 camera, although there are hints that it might release it if strong sales continue.

In a recent report, GoPro highlighted that its sales numbers increased during the early part of the year. This could indicate a possibility that the company might continue its annual release this year with the Hero 9.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, GoPro is still adamant about the successor to its current lineup of cameras. The company recently reported that the Memorial Day weekend sales posted extremely high numbers. Moreover, there are signs of economic activities in some regions that might prompt the company to release a new product.

GoPro Hero 9 rumored specs

Not much is known about the Hero 9 camera, apart from its obvious name. For many years, the company has constantly released a new model every year. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, fans are hoping that the company will not miss out this year.

The new trend among action cameras is the use of dual screens. The trend was started by DJI with is Osmo Action camera. It will come as no surprise if the Hero 9 camera will also adopt the same feature.

Anticipation about the release of the Hero 9 has been quite high since the start of the year. This led many fans to speculate what the camera’s specs will be once it rolls out. The action camera is expected to feature a new body layout, along with a brand new processor.

So far, the best indication that the Hero 9 camera is in the works is GoPro’s FCC filing for an unknown device. Based on the filing, the company is working on a new device, which is most likely a camera.

The Hero 9 action camera is also expected to hit the market in October. There are speculations of delay because of the pandemic, but it is expected to hit the market this year.

Strong demand for the product

In a recent statement, GoPro chief operating officer Brian McGee says:

“We’re continuing to see strength globally in our direct-to-consumer e-commerce business as demand for GoPro continues to grow from the COVID-19 trough we saw in late-March and early-April.”

It appears that sales are continuing to rise, and the pandemic has little to no effect on its market viability. This means that the demand for action cameras are not affected by the spread of the coronavirus. GoPro has a strong future despite the current pandemic that is affecting many industries.

Image courtesy of Gerson Repreza/Unsplash

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