GoPro launches line of bags, water bottles and hat

GoPro is joining the bandwagon in merchandise gaming. Lifestyle Gear prominently displays its logo from bags to hats.

The line is called “Lifestyle Gear,” and it’s a nice sampling of outdoor gear featuring GoPro’s logo. Right now, there are nine products on the line, but it’s easy to see room for expansion.

GoPro launches “Lifestyle Gear”

GoPro is now entering the merchandise world featuring some of the outdoor gears. Coping with the sales drop, the brand seems to be fair with the weather as sales are slowly moving upward this year. Lifestyle Gear features nine outdoor items that display the brand’s logo.

If you head to their website (, you will see the Lifestyle Gear section in the upper tray. There are five bags, two camera cases, one hat, and an insulated water bottle. Their bags are waterproof, and the camera cases are compact. These items embody a GoPro lifestyle suited to an adventure-seeking personality.

GoPro launches a line of bags, water bottles and a hat

Here are the nine available items under their Lifestyle Gear:

  • Stash Rolltop Backpack
  • Storm Dry Waterproof Backpack
  • Daytripper Backpack
  • Mission Backpack Duffel Bag
  • Sling Crossbody Bag
  • Tube Insulated Water Bottle
  • Casey LITE Lightweight Camera Case
  • Casey Semi Hard Camera Case
  • El Cap Logo Snapback Hat

Marketing style works

Despite the health crisis, the company was able to post a profit in its 1st quarter of the year, with $119 million in revenue. The GoPro website,, accounted for 17% of the 1st quarter revenue, and it was up by 11% versus the 1st quarter last year.

“While our business slowed due to COVID-19, consumers have continued to purchase GoPro cameras at substantial levels during the pandemic, and since early April we’ve seen a sell-through trend in a positive direction,” said Brian McGee, GoPro CFO, and COO. McGee also lauded the team’s efforts as they work on a consumer-directed model that is seen as an efficient and effective way to gain sales amidst a pandemic, and maybe that will save them over the long term.

If done correctly, the advent of GoPro to this market will surely be a hit, erasing the memories of the sales slump and stock price drop that is $10 since the year 2017. The company has gone through holes refreshing its product lines and adapting to market demands like flashlights and its recent launch and its outdoor gears.

GoPro can and will surely improve this line-up as the company seems to recover from its sales plunge. As reported by TechCrunch, we can expect more from their Lifestyle Gear as they enter the outdoor gear market.

Images used courtesy of The Verge/YouTube Screenshot and Budilnikov Yuriy/Shutterstock

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