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Gordon Ramsay rescues three businesses in Ellicott City, Maryland


Gordon Ramsay may be tough in the kitchen but his show 24 Hours to Hell and Back makes him an angel. The celebrity chef just did his biggest rescue yet on season 3 episode 10.

Gordon Ramsay returned on Fox after airing the latest episode of the reality show on Tuesday. Titled “Save Our Town,” the episode is special that runs for two hours.

Ramsay and his crew went to Ellicott City, Maryland to help rebuild some of the historic town’s small businesses. They were greatly affected by two successive catastrophic floods.

He tagged along with interior designer Nate Berkus and former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith.

Former Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. and the Maryland National Guard were also guest stars.

Renovating Phoenix Upper Main Brewpub

Ellicott residents are now proud to present Phoenix Upper Main Brewpub. It used to be two separate businesses. But after the show’s makeover, it has now been merged and renovated.

It has received positive feedback with a 4.4-star rating on Google. It’s also noted for its nice ambiance and friendly staff.

Phoenix Upper Main sells crab soup, crab dip, chicken tenders, fish, chips and others. Their dessert menu includes key lime pie, flourless chocolate cake and Snicker’s Caramel peanut butter pie.

Little Market Cafe relocation

The other business that Gordon Ramsay visited was Little Market Cafe. It’s a cafe in Hamilton Street and it features gourmet coffee drinks, smoothies, baked goods and others.

They also offer vegan-friendly sandwiches. Ramsay and the show crew helped the cafe by giving it a new location and an upgrade.

Little Market Cafe has now a 4.7-star rating on Google. They have also received positive reviews especially with their service and tasty sandwiches.

The owners have been helping in the pandemic by providing lunches to the Howard Country General Hospital.

Jaxon Edwin Social House update

The last but not the least in the lineup is Jaxon Edwin Social House. Ramsay helped the barbershop, coffee bar, and game room business by giving it some renovations. They also did some updates on the look.

The two-hour special episode of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hrs to Hell and Back: Save Our Town received lots of positive feedback from its viewers. Many found the episode very emotional. And the residents of Ellicott City were very proud as well of their hometown.

To catch more of Gordon Ramsay, follow him on his social media accounts.

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