‘Gossip Girl’ star Blake Lively confirms the Netflix series called ‘Dark Days at Magna Carta’

Blake Lively is up for another movie thriller as she stars in Netflix’s newest movie franchise, Dark Days at Magna Carta.

Netflix had just released its latest movie project, Extraction, which starred Chris Hemsworth. And now,  Netflix is set to work on its newest franchise, Dark Days at Magna Carta. Michael Paisley will work on the screenplay, while Blake Lively will be the main cast. Paisley was also the production assistant on The Witcher.

What is the movie Dark Days at Magna Carta all about

The Dark Days at Magna Carta recounts the life of a woman who wants to survive and save her family. Set in the post-apocalyptic era, a catastrophic event drives the woman to do everything for her family.  Although  Netflix already confirmed to develop the project, nothing has been divulged yet.

Blake Lively will co-produce the project

Aside from being the main cast, the Gossip Girl actress partners with Paisley as she will also co-produce the movie through her own production company. She partners with Kate Vorhoff. Meanwhile, Shawn Levy from Stranger Things will also produce the movie under his 21 Laps company.  Levy partners with Dan Cohen as well.

The Dark Days of Magna Carta is designed to include three trilogies hoping that the first movie is successful. Paisley initially thought of the idea last year, although Paisley came to organise his ideas at the onset of the pandemic. He further clarified the movie will not be released during the pandemic.

Blake Lively projects

The Magna Carta is just one of Lively’s thriller movies. The actress recently starred in The Rhythm Section. The movie was produced by  Paramount and was reported to be a disappointment. The movie which just released this year generated  $6 million in the worldwide box office. Blake Lively suffered a hand injury during the filming of the movie.

Blake Lively also made headlines for her films on The Age of Adeline, The Shallows, and A Simple Favor.  Aside from her acting career, Lively works as a producer for 21 Laps on Museum trilogy, Arrival, Kin, The Spectacular Now.  Furthermore, her upcoming project is a sci-fi comedy entitled, Free Guy.  Lively’s husband, Reynolds will be the main cast.

What to expect from Dark Days at Magna Carta

Although Netflix confirmed to develop the movie, nothing has been disclosed yet.  However, judging on the last movie release of Netflix, Extraction, The  Dark Days of Magna Carta will not disappoint.

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