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GOT7 comeback sabotaged by JYP Entertainment: Rumor


Just hours before the release of the upcoming full-length album of GOT7, Breathe of Love: Last Piece, news circulated that the albums are out of stock on significant purchasing sites.

On Hottracks, one of Korea’s biggest album purchasing sites, the album of GOT7 is immediately sold out on November 29, 2020. Hottracks also removed the album from their website, which caused the fans to doubt JYP Entertainment.

JYPE may not be stocking enough albums and it is revealed that they might also not launch a showcase for GOT7’s album release. Aside from this, fans have not seen a music video teaser for their title track, Last Piece.

The frustrated fans

Fans felt disgusted with the company’s partiality. They voiced out frustrations against the company, questioning them by not having a showcase for GOT7’s album release. Fans knew well that all JYPE groups have always had showcases for the album releases.

They raised questions about what will happen this time; why do GOT7 and the fans have to deal with the partiality. They even said that it is their highly anticipated comeback, and yet, the company does not promote them properly. Also, the album may not have a comeback showcase for the album’s release.

The group has not released even one music video teaser for their album release, leaving the fans in utter shock.

Is GOT7 mistreated by its agency?

GOT7 and its fans dealt with various mistreatment in the past seven years. This is from the lack of promotion to not getting provided subtitles for pre-recorded content. But then,  what has occurred this time gave everyone an utmost frustration.

Considering that JYP Entertainment is known for being labeled as a BIG 3 company, having enough albums stocked until the release day, releasing music video teasers, and showcasing an album release are minimums for pop groups nowadays.

Meanwhile, fans were all waiting for JYP Entertainment’s response.

GOT7 pre-release a track ahead of its album launch called Breath on November 23, 2020.

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