GOT7’s Bambam makes memes to celebrate Jinyoung’s birthday


Bambam creates memes to rejoice with his group members as GOT7 wishes Jinyoung a happy birthday. This isn’t the first time Bambam has done anything like this.

When Ahgases (GOT7’s popular fandom) celebrated GOT7 Jinyoung’s birthday on September 22nd, Bambam has released the work to promote his GOT7 Jinyoung group.

Bambam’s interaction with other GOT7 members are the best

Fans have been enjoying Bambam’s interactions with his other group members while they work on their respective professions, thanks to his lively attitude and 4D character.

We were able to get Bambam to promote with Yugyeom, participate in variety and radio shows with Youngjae, and DJ guests with Jay B.

To give him a message of congratulations, Jackson shared a photoshoot of Jinyoung and Yugyeom exchanging pictures of their birthday kid on Instagram stories.

Fans may expect Bambam, the mood-maker, to have a good time while celebrating his friend’s birthday.

Bambam loves making fun of Jinyoung since he is one of their younger members, and he went on to post hilarious comical memes on his Instagram story and on Twitter to wish Jinyoung a happy birthday.

Bambam shares memes to commemorate Jinyoung’s birthday

Bambam’s first Instagram story was an Instagram meme in which the group had suggested Jinyoung switch his identity to Parkman. The name sounds like swear words.

The story he posted on his second account came from Jinyoung’s latest K-drama, The Devil Judge, in which Jinyoung performs a finger-heart disguised as flipping the other person off.

Bambam dubbed him Mommy Jinyoung and shared a photo of him wearing a big peach on Twitter to top it off. His Emoji is a fruit.

This isn’t the first time Bambam has acted in this manner. Ahgases is well aware that he loves making and spreading memes. On the birthdays of his members, Bambam sent funny pictures and jokes.

Bambam posted the meme salt bae, which featured the salt and pictures of Youngjae’s dog Coco, in honor of Youngjae’s birthday, which was only a few hours ago.

With the preceding member’s birthday, Yugyeom’s, falling on November 1, Ahgases eagerly anticipated what Bambam would deliver to his maknae (youngest).

Although Bambam has already thrown a party for Jinyoung’s birthday, fans found that Jinyoung’s business was covertly establishing a Japanese account on his behalf to hint at J-music pop’s promotional activities in Japan as well as a Japan Fanclub.

They also confirmed that Jinyoung’s single Dive, which he released as a surprise gift to those waiting for it, would come with the option of a Japanese version due to be released on September 29th.


Image courtesy of BamBam/YouTube

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