GOT7’s Mark Tuan trends after attending the Paris Fashion Week


Some people wonder whether Mark Tuan will be attending or even walking in the Louis Vuitton fashion show.

Mark Tuan is always surprising Ahgases with each passing month. He first surprised everyone by walking an event on the LA Red Carpet for Marvel’s Shang-Chi and contributing to the OST album.

Then GOT7’s star was seen departing LA and heading to France. French fans are in a frenzy wondering whether he’ll attend the fashion show that is currently taking place.

Mark in Paris

Mark has since posted a picture standing in front of the Eiffel Tower on the 28th of September, which sparked excitement among fans. The K-pop star was also seen outside Louis Vuitton’s boutique in Paris along with stylist Goatzilla.

A photo of the two of them was posted on the stylist’s Instagram. The pair were also seen together eating dinner and being with the French influencer in Louis Vuitton’s shop.

The captions of their photos are focused on Paris Fashion Week. Ahgases thinks about whether Mark Tuan will be at the Louis Vuitton show, which will take place on the final day.

The Louis Vuitton fashion show will take place on October 5th at 7 PM CEST. It is also not forgotten that guests are only allowed to attend the show by invitation. That’s why the fans are excited about Mark because he’s been experimenting with everything since his return to LA.

Mark was last seen in LA modeling for a photographer and Celine, the French designer Celine in GQ magazine. However, the public has been going viral with We Love Mark Tuan differently for a reason.

On the same day, the GOT7 star was at the Eiffel Tower. However, some fans believe it was Blackpink’s Rose that was in the same place. Rose, too is in Paris to attend YSL’s fashion show, along with fellow members.

Fans ship Mark Tuan to Blackpink Rose

Some fans went overboard by shipping Mark and Rose and the latter being able to find out. He was able to force them into their place by asking them to cease. However, Blinks Blinks believed that he was trying to target Rose and proceeded to harass the blogger, leading him to take down the tweet.

Ahgases are furious that this has affected Mark’s participation at Paris Fashion Week. Therefore, they’ve been showering him with affection and encouragement. Instead of discussing what happened, people think which his next event will be, which shows that he’ll attend in Paris.

Some even believe that he’ll return to South Korea after Paris as they’re also hosting Seoul Fashion Week in October. This means that the actor would get to see GOT7’s members who remain living in Seoul.


Image courtesy of Planet Peach/YouTube

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