‘Gotham Knights’ allows for redundant character roster in co-op

Gotham Knights combat video snapshot

Recent information regarding the new developing Batman game reveals that it can be played cooperatively with another player. This means giving players the chance to choose among the roster of Batman family, including Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin, and play as a duo.

While having a choice among four characters is fine, some players might be sharing a similarly strong interest on a particular character. A scenario that could possibly pave way to misunderstanding, instead of a harmonious gameplay experience.

But according to Gotham Knights creative director, Patrick Redding, players can actually choose similar characters and play as a team. Essentially, making an identical twin for a team and cooperatively fulfilling the role of the titular knights of Gotham City.

The Power of Two

In his statement during an interview with IGN, Redding exemplified the case of two Batgirls. “Now, if you happen to have two Batgirls, you can also do that.” Which, as can be imagined, might be a case for two individuals who happen to be both diehard fans of the exact same DC figure.

In that note, players will technically see a similar, but also distinct, appearances of Batgirl for easier identification. One possibly donning a slightly different color than the other, among other visible differences.

Similar Yet Unlike

However, there’s also another side of disparity between the two. As it appears, there’s also an RPG element in place which could diversify each character from the other. This pertains to the potential build and unique skill set that players have control over their chosen character.

Meaning that, even while two players do choose the same character, they can still diversify by choosing two different builds and set of skills. Which, more than anything, gives a side-by-side comparison between the two and even displays how they complement each other towards a common goal.

“The potential of having different Batgirl builds, and how they look different and play differently is really cool too.”

Perfect Contrast

While the game tolerates redundancy, it’s also quite clear that the game also entertains a bit of imbalance. One whose elements are, while not perfectly aligned with one another, have the ability to complement each other in essence.

“Because the characters are so distinct from each other, there’s a bit of asymmetry, a bit of the complementary skill set and ability set that actually makes teaming up kind of awesome if you happen to have different characters.”

Image used courtesy of DC/YouTube Screenshot

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