‘Gotham Knights’ developer claims title to be independent from Arkham series

Gotham Knights trailer snapshot

Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s latest project, Gotham Knights, just had its reveal in the recently held DC FanDome that displays discrepancy as a “sequel” to the most recent Batman game to date, Arkham Knight. As it turns out, Gotham Knight is not necessarily directly in line with the series.

Comicbook got in touch with WB Games Montreal for clarification. As it appears, Gotham Knights is only picking up where Arkham Knight left off but is a unique story of its own.

“Gotham Knights is an original story set in DC’s Batman Universe and not connected to the Arkham series.”

Players who had managed to play through Batman: Arkham Knight would recall the ending, which sees the iconic Dark Knight dead. Similarly, Gotham Knights is using the same premise in order to pave way to new heroes, hailing from the Batman family itself. Meaning, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin.

Major Disparities

While the idea seems logical, there are a few glaring disparities between the two which concerns two figures in the franchise.

One is Batgirl herself, Barbara Gordon, who, in Arkham Knight was a paraplegic and was having a new identity as the Oracle. For her to be able to walk again, either she cured herself from her disability or she was never disabled at all.

The former being a possibility when taking her directly from the revamped version of Batgirl in the recent comics. But the latter is also not away from possibility. That is, if this Gotham Knights version of her never experienced the event that caused her to become a cripple.

Another concerns her fellow “knight” Red Hood who, like Barbara, had a fateful encounter with The Joker. An event that cause his demise in the comics. Red Hood is dead in Arkham Knight, which, thus, makes his presence in Gotham Knights surprising.

Two probabilities arise as to why Red Hood is alive in Gotham Knights. He either did not meet his demise or he was revived to life to make a re-appearance.

A Multiverse?

Either way, the stated possibilities is indicative of two similar, but distinct, characters. Likely, coming from two different dimensions, which could insinuate the “multiverse” aspect in the DC universe.

With that issue out of the way, it is therefore clear that Gotham Knights is deviating from the Arkham series. Which could mean further more surprises that are substantially in contrast from the series it makes a starting point on.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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