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‘Gotham Knights’: The differences in combat styles of the four heroes


Since being announced last month at DC FanDome, fans have been looking for more details about the upcoming Gotham Knights. Now, we got a taste of what combat will be like in the game.

Gotham Knights is a cooperative experience featuring Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. These characters will vary in more ways other than their personas, background, and appearance. In a recent interview from the game’s creative director Patrick Redding, we got a chance to understand exactly how each of the characters will differ in terms of combat.

Combat styles

Each of the characters in the game will come with their playstyle that players might feel more comfortable with. For instance, Red Hood is a brutal brawler that focuses mainly on using firearms. This also fits his personality of being an otherwise more ruthless version of Batman.

Nightwing will have his acrobatic abilities lead his battle style. This means players can expect flashy moves and over-the-top finishers when using Nightwing. On the other hand, Robin is focused on stealth as he is the most recent student of Batman himself.

As for Batgirl, Redding says that “she combines a laser-focused, targeted and efficient melee fighter approach with a lot of resilience and the ability to weaponize her environment using hacking.”

Will it work?

The varying playstyles are more than just a design choice for the developer. First and foremost, the fighting styles represent the true personalities of the Gotham Knights quarter.

Gameplay-wise, giving a new playstyle to each of the characters also means giving players a chance to experience the game in more ways than one. Since there’s a multiplayer experience in the game, players can also mix and match their playstyles with others as well.

Redding also notes that players aren’t going to be forced to play as a certain character. They can choose to play as whoever they want from the quarter once they reach headquarters. This freedom to choose also means players will have varying approaches to missions, depending on who they pick.

Each of the heroes will not only have varying playstyles, but they’ll also have their skill trees and upgradable equipment.

Gotham Knights launch next year for current and next-gen consoles. It’s worth noting that the game is not a part of the Arkhamverse made by Rocksteady, which is an interesting choice by the developers.

Image used courtesy of DC/YouTube

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