‘Gotham Knights’ unveiled at DC Fandome, will launch next year

DC Fandome had a lot of exciting reveals for DC’s upcoming game, comics, and movie ventures. Of all the announcements, what should excite gamers most is Gotham Knights.

The recently concluded DC Fandome was a fantastic event filled with a ton of surprises. One of the main highlights at the event was the reveal of Gotham Knights, which many initially believed to be a new Batman game. Despite it not being a follow-up to Rocksteady’s hit Arkham series, the new title is already exciting fans.

Batman is dead

The upcoming title is announced with an epic cinematic trailer, which hints that the Caped Crusader himself is dead and buried under the rubble. Succeeding him as protectors of Gotham are Batgirl, Robbin, Nightwing, and Red Hood.

As per the trailer, these four characters will be the main guys around the game. Players will get to play as all of them in solo or play with another friend online. The trailer also hints that the Court of Owls is going to play a huge part in the game. However, as per the developers, there’s more to the Court of Owls than what it seems.

They also said that the game would have a huge surprise waiting for players.

Gameplay and release

No exact release date has been given yet, but Gotham Knights is said to release next year. The game will be available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC as well.

WG Games Montreal also revealed a deeper look at the game with a gameplay trailer. It showed off a boss battle against Mister Freeze. The characters being used are Robin and Batgirl. Fans were easily impressed with what they saw.

The gameplay showed a lot of inspiration from the Batman Arkham series. Each of the characters will have their own set of skills and tools, making each one a unique experience. Moreover, the boss fight against Mister Freeze reveals that other boss fights in the game are going to be epic. Boss fights have been an issue with Batman Arkham games.

Gotham Knights is one of the biggest games announced at the DC Fandome event. It’s good that the game will officially launch next year, but fans are still hoping that it wouldn’t be delayed, much like other games releasing this year. We’ll have to check in with DC for more details about the upcoming game.

Image used courtesy of DC/YouTube

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