‘Grammys may no longer matter,’ says Drake in support of The Weeknd

Musical artist and rapper Drake has come forward in support of The Weeknd. Recently, the Grammys left the singer out of the nominations.

According to Variety, Drake posted on his Instagram story that “Grammys may no longer matter.” His response came in support of R&B singer The Weeknd. The artist was left out of this year’s nominations by Grammys.

Here’s what Drake exactly wrote in his story:

“I think we should stop allowing ourselves to be shocked every year by the disconnect between impactful music and these awards and accept that what once was the highest form of recognition may no longer matter to the artists that exist now and the ones that come after. It’s like a relative you keep expecting to fix up, but they can’t change their ways.”

The Weeknd: Biggest snub of 2020 Grammys?

The Weeknd didn’t get a single nomination in this year’s Grammys for those unaware about the matter. On Tuesday, the list revealed didn’t include his widely acclaimed album After Hours or any other track from it.

Since the news of this biggest snub of the year, fans and other artists are coming forward for the Blinding Lights hitmaker.

One of his close friends and rapper Drake also showed a strong reaction against the awards. And he expressed his feeling saying that in the future, they won’t even matter. He also shared that just a day before the announcement, and he expected various nods for his friend.

“The other day, I said @theweeknd was a lock for either album or song of the year along with countless other reasonable assumptions, and it just never goes that way.”

Moreover, he urged future generations to bring a significant change regarding this situation. And he also presented his thoughts for an alternative awards show.

“This is a great time for somebody to start something new that we can build up over time and pass on to the generations to come.”

Controversies over the nominations

Apart from The Weeknd, artists like Teyana Taylor also criticized the Recording Academy. Because she didn’t get nominated in the R&B Album of the Year category, plus, it only included male artists, which further increased the angry reactions.

Many music lovers are upset over their favorite artists getting snubbed. However, several other famous singers and bands also missed the nominations. Such names include Ariana Grande (positions), BTS (BE), and Sam Smith (Love Goes). But the reason for their removal from the nomination is technical. They didn’t release their respective albums under the timeframe set by Grammys. And the deadline ended on August 31st. So, they clearly missed the chance in this manner.


Image courtesy of DFree/Shutterstock

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