‘Great Pretender’ anime launches worldwide on Netflix on August 20

Netflix has announced that the Great Pretender anime series from Wit Studio will be making its streaming debut outside of Japan on August 20.

The August 20 worldwide release date of Great Pretender was confirmed by Netflix through one of its official Twitter accounts.

But as noted by ComicBook, subscribers of the streaming platform who are based in the United States will be able to watch the anime show starting on August 27.

Another hit from Wit Studio

Wit Studio might already be a household name among fans of the anime genre as well as the manga art form.

The animation studio, after all, is the one responsible for adapting the already popular Attack on Titan manga series into a globally renowned anime series.

This time around, the Japanese production company is looking to manufacture another international hit with Great Pretender, which will no doubt enjoy a big boost from Netflix’s massive reach worldwide.

For the record, the show had already made its debut in Japan more than a month ago. As a matter of fact, it had premiered on Netflix Japan on June 2, before making its debut on Japanese television via Fuji TV’s +Ultra last July 8.

Less than four weeks from now, it should continue to reach even more viewers as part of Netflix’s expanding anime catalog (which recently added Brand New Animal last June 30, and then Cyberpunk: Edgerunners by 2022).

Plot and production crew

Great Pretender follows the story of a Japanese con artist named Makoto Edamura and his grifter partner Kudo.

The no-good duo try to swindle a French guy in the Tokyo district of Asakusa. But as it turns out, the man they’re trying to trick happens to be Laurent Thierry, who is an even better mountebank himself.

Edamura and Kudo now find themselves increasingly getting involved in the shenanigans of Thierry and his second-in-command Abigail Jones.

Great Pretender anime Netflix

The anime series is directed by Hiro Kaburagi (of My Little Monster and 91 Days), with help from scriptwriter Ryota Kosawa and character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (FLCL, Evangelion).

Maiko Okada is the show’s producer, while Yutaka Yamada (from Tokyo Ghoul and Vinland Saga) is handling the music scoring duties.

As for the voice cast, it includes Chiaki Kobayashi, Junichi Suwabe (Bleach, Black Butler), Natsumi Fujiwara, Mie Sonozaki (My Hero Academia, Fairy Gone), Yohei Tadano (Little Witch Academia, One Piece), and Kujira (Gin Tama, Naruto).

Great Pretender is set to offer 23 episodes, but so far, only 14 episodes have been shown in Japan to date. It is not clear yet if Netflix will be showing all 23, or just the 14 already released.

Image 1 and Image 2 courtesy of Great Pretender Official Website

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