‘Great Pretender’ Season 3 update: Hiro Kaburagi teases series’ return

Great Pretender Season 3

Fans have yet to confirm if there will be the Great Pretender Season 3, but the hopes are high for Edamura and the rest of the cast’s return.

Hiro Kaburagi directed the anime’s first two seasons. So, if ever the Great Pretender Season 3 will be in the works, will he once again helm the series?

The teasing the new season’s coming

In an Anime News Network interview, Kaburagi revealed the possibility of doing the title’s third installment.

“If you want to see a [Great Pretender] sequel, do be sure to tell your friends and acquaintances about it,” he said. “So that you can increase the viewer count on Netflix!”

He also had a message for international fans, hinting at the show’s return.

“Now then, let us see each other again someday!” he teased.

Great Pretender Season 3

The new season renewal news

According to Monsters and Critics, WIT Studio, Netflix, or any company affiliated with the series production has yet to confirm the coming of the Great Pretender Season 3.

There is no news either about its renewal or production.

Anyhow, the show is not shy of any renewal theories, let alone its possible release date.

Rumors have it WIT Studio has a “financial incentive” to create another season of the comedy series.

Anime industry insiders revealed Netflix pays far better compared to Japanese anime production committees. So, it is not far that the studio will work on a new season.

Also, as WIT Studio has the intellectual property for the franchise, it has all the rights to make money out of its success.

The previous season finale

The previous season finale might have a proper ending, but it couldn’t be denied that it was an open-ended conclusion.

It concluded with the possibility for the Great Pretender Season 3 to continue, per CBR. The final episode featured the heist Edamura together with the Confidence Man team.

It hinted at the likelihood of pulling off more heists and developing more interpersonal drama between the characters.

Edamura and the rest of the team decided to settle down after their final heist. He, along with Laurent, even talked about his retirement plans.

The two characters were unsure what the future might bring, but they were both ready to face what would come.

Edamura then went to bed, while Laurent finally removed his ring from Dorothy and threw it into the ocean. As the heist they had been pulling off for years got finally completed, it looked like Laurent was all ready to move on from his obsession with Dorothy.

From here, would the Great Pretender Season 3 continue?

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