‘GreedFall’s upgrade to PS5 requires purchase for PS+ subscribers

GreedFall official Gamescon 2019 trailer

PS4 owners who own a copy of GreedFall via their PS+ subscription will have to pay for an upgrade to PS5 version.

In a tweet, GreedFall’s official account finally sheds light on the lingering concern over the topic of free upgrade. Simply put, an acquisition of the game via PS+ is “not eligible for the free upgrade to the PS5 version”.

The notion gets even more disheartening for PlayStation owners when looking over to Xbox. Microsoft has no qualm in giving away the free upgrade even to those who got the game freely via Game Pass.

The Free Upgrade Program

Prior to the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony had been enticing gamers on its offer for a free upgrade of supported PS4 games. This meant that pre-existing PS4 users and will-be PS5 owners will have no issue making a shift when the new console arrives. Specifically, by making transition with most of the games in their libraries intact. Essentially, buy PS4 games now and have the option to convert it into their PS5 counterparts after making the upgrade.

This migration does come with its own benefits than just being able to play on a shiny new console, however. For the most part, it entails an altogether better experience. Particularly, by tapping on the current-gen platform’s stronger processing power and unique functionality. Which meant better-looking graphics, a faster, stabler, and smoother framerate, and support for newer technology. Adding to that is also DualSense’s (PS5 controller) haptic feedback for a different layer of experience.

With those benefits, it makes the idea of owning PS4 titles now a potentially beneficial undertaking in the future. Ideally, when the PS5 becomes more accessible and relatively more affordable than it is today, with scarcity at play.

Perk of a PS+ Subscription

The notion is especially true for PS+ subscribers who find themselves the privilege of getting new games every month for free. That is, granted they maintain their live subscriptions in order to reap the benefits of monthly free games. Otherwise, it is just a matter of re-activating subscriptions in order to enjoy the same perks again.

One can only then imagine the joy when Sony decided to add GreedFall as part of the PlayStation Plus’ free games list. This comes in knowing that the game will automatically be made free for upgrade to the native PS5 version once update arrives. Because, technically, the game is owned while the subscription is alive. That is, only for an official channel to break such hopes by answering a random user’s question on the topic.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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