‘Green Lantern’ TV series will feature a host of Green Lanterns

Green Lantern

Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, Kilowog and Sinestro will feature in the upcoming Green Lantern TV series on HBO Max. These are the characters of the galactic police force who wore the Power Ring in several iterations of the DC comic books.

Hal Jordan might be the most popular Green Lantern but the original was Alan Scott. First revealed in 1940, Scott fought criminals in Capitol City but DC reinvented his character. Now, HBO Max announced that Scott, as well as a host of Green Lanterns, will be the main focus of the new TV show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO Max made a 10-episode order that will explore the history and differences of the characters who were part of the corps.

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti tapped Seth Grahame-Smith as the showrunner of this ambitious live-action superhero series. Marc Guggenheim, the man behind Arrowverse, is also on board to help Grahame-Smith write the episodes.


An exciting line-up

Ryan Reynolds played in the movie version of the superhero and his alter ego Hal Jordan. This character will not be on the show but this new Green Lantern TV series brings such an exciting line-up.

In the comic series, Alan Scott is a gay man, who was briefly depicted in live-action productions like Smallville and Stargirl. Guy Gardner was Hal Jordan’s backup, who eventually came into his own as a superhero.

Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are the most recent Lanterns featured in the comics. They are often paired together as the first Lebanese and first woman Green Lanterns.

Sinestro and Kilowog were in the 2011 film as Jordan’s nemesis. But in the comic books, they patrol other parts of the galaxy away from the Earth as members of the Lantern Corps. Sinestro was eventually discharged from the group after he abused his powers.


Grahame-Smith and Guggenheim have prepared the pilot script for the series and will soon develop the rest of the episodes. According to reports, this show will be to be the most expensive production for the Arrowverse team.

Production is earmarked for mid-2021 so casting announcements will likely trickle early next year. Director Christopher Nolan previously recommended Tenet actor John David Washington as one of the Green Lanterns.

Spanning several decades

During the Television Critics Association press panel in January, HBO Max content head Sarah Aubrey said that the Green Lantern TV show’s storylines will span several decades. She let it slip that a storyline will occur in space with Sinestro.

As the show is still in development, HBO Max hasn’t announced a potential release date for Green Lantern.


Image courtesy of DC/YouTube

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