Ground-breaking ‘HyperCharge’ tech can charge phone fully in 8 mins

Xiaomi’s new HyperCharge would beat other premium smartphone brands with its breathtaking charging technology, just by charging the phone in 8 minutes.

The Chinese multinational electronics company Xiaomi’s new ‘HyperCharge‘ fast-charging tech has been provoking the interest of tech enthusiasts on social media. However, we still don’t get the official notice of how fast it can juice up the smartphone. 

Looking deeply, the company’s new pioneering technology can able to charge a smartphone 100 percent from zero in not more than 8 minutes. 

On Xiaomi’s official YouTube channel, they have released a video. In the video, the firm claims that its 200W wired adaptor can juice up an improved Xiaomi MI 11 Pro from zero to ten percent in a very less than 44 seconds. 

Unbelievably, the phone almost took 3 minutes to attain a half percent charge. And finally, the phone needs nearly less than 8 minutes to charge completely! 

Mind-blowing fast charging technology

Xiaomi keeps on changing its features, making more innovation in their products at low cost. 

The company has updated its charging speeds every year. The company additionally exhibited its 120 Watt wireless charging tech. It got a smartphone with a 4,000 mAH battery to charge 100 percent, not exceeding 15 minutes, but in less than 12-14 minutes.

As of now, the firm keeps the record for the world’s most agile wireless charging technology. Over and above that, Xiaomi can support 120 Watt fast charging like few manufacturers.

GizmoChina, on Sunday, had proclaimed that the company was attempting to produce a unique record besides its HyperCharge technology. Xiaomi’s new Mi 11 Ultra carries 67 Watt wired or wireless charging. However, the retail packaging appears a 55W adaptor.

Hypercharge – a unique innovation

Unlike other premium smartphone brands, the iQOO 7 variant comes with a 66W charger in the pack itself. It just dropped the power adaptor. And, in the end, says the new start is to reduce the influence on the environment setting.

Even though this may not appear like a large jump over for everyone, a walk will help us right. However, the officials have not told the right time to make this technology available on a smartphone. Hopefully, this won’t take a long time to be available to hand.

Providing a smartphone with the before-mentioned high-speed charging technology appears with its upsets. The defects, however, should be resolved before it is ready on an extensive range.

The smartphones’ battery may heat up instantly while charging. Additionally, it could damage smartphone batteries and may degrade them when charging on with such technology. As of now, the company is expected to unveil its HyperCharge technology in the fall of 2021.


Image courtesy of BRIGHT SIDE/YouTube

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