‘Grounded’ demo will come to Steam Game Festival on June 9

4 crucial 'Grounded' tips to stay alive and survive

Obsidian’s Grounded will get a demo as part of the upcoming Steam Game Festival. The backyard survival game will have a free demo from June 9 to 14.

The demo for Grounded will only have its single-player components. The game has a coop aspect to it that helps the game more fun going around. The announcement also relates as “a day as a shrunken teenager,” which means it’s a simple demo.

The game is also available not only on Steam but on the Xbox Insiders program too. It will be available for a similar duration, with a Steam Early Access release on July 28.

Obsidian’s new game is also playable on the Xbox Insider program

Obsidian’s survival game will be a part of many games in the upcoming Steam Game Festival. The adventure will be one of many demos available for the event too. Obsidian decided to participate in the Game Festival after a vehement request from their fans.

For those who want to try a limited beta of the game, the Xbox Insider Hub will also have the option for players. To access, players would need to download the Xbox Insider program and follow Obsidian’s exact instructions.

The beta invites come on a first-come, first-serve basis only. On Steam, players need to wishlist the game to avail of the demo.

Grounded will release its Xbox Insider flight AND participate in the Steam Game Festival on June 9th!” said the announcement tweet. “More ways to play the single-player demo means more of you get to play!”

Obsidian’s comedy survival adventure will feature four-player coop

Much like any Obsidian game, Grounded has a ton of exploration and humorous adventures in store for the player. The game is a Honey, I Shrunk The Kids-style game, where four children seek adventure in their backyard.

The gameplay is first-person and has a superb four-player coop. Players will see flora and fauna much bigger than normal, with blades of grass as big as trees. The adventure has a fleshed-out item collection and crafting aspect for enthusiasts.

Obsidian’s game also has solid survival aspects, making players scrounge for food and materials. Gamers can break pebbles and combine them with sprigs to create makeshift axes. Players can light dry fiber to cook food and create campfires.

The game itself has a nice gameplay demo from this year’s Pax East 2020. It highlights many things players can enjoy within the game, together with small plot elements.

Early Access for Grounded will be on July 28 and will be available for Xbox One and PC platforms.

Featured image courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment/Youtube Screenshot

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