Group of 165 companies wants action against Google

Google seems to be facing a tough time right now. A group of 165 companies has called on EU antitrust enforcers to take action against the firm.

According to Reuters’ report, companies from the US and UK want strict action against Google because they have said that the tech giant favors its own services, unfairly, on its web searches.

The combined group also sent a joint letter to EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager on Thursday. It said that Google gives preferential placement to its accommodation, travel, and job-based services in the search results. And now these 165 firms want this practice to end as soon as possible.

Google refuses allegations of unfair practices

The Pixel maker, and a unit of Alphabet GOOGL.O, has refuted the assertions that it favors its own services. It made its argument saying that its users are not locked in. And that the competition to its services is just a click away from over the internet.

“People expect Google to give them the most relevant, high-quality search results that they can trust,” said a representative from the company.

“They do not expect us to preference specific companies or commercial rivals over others, or to stop launching helpful services which create more choice and competition for Europeans.”

Meanwhile, EU antitrust chief Vestager, so far, has levied a fine of around $9.7 billion against the firm. And it happened in the last three years, for abusing the market to favor one’s own services of a shopping comparison.

The signatories to the letter, submitted to the EU chief, include Yelp YELP.N, Expedia EXPE.O, Trivago, Kelkoo, Stepstone, and Foundem. They all have consistently criticized the Android maker for its wrongful and biased practices.

Vestager is also about to announce a new draft in the first week of December that requires input from EU nations and Parliament. It’s necessary for enabling the draft to become legislation eventually. It will be vital to regulating the US-based tech company in the future.

Biggest search engine company facing tough phase

Talking about the Android maker, the last few months have been filled with unwanted crisis-like scenarios. The company is also going through a serious case of antitrust in the US regarding unfair practices. Heavy amounts of fine seem inevitable right now in case Google loses the case.

Just a while ago, Google was also accused of favoring its own search engine to end competition over many devices. Because it’s a known fact that it pays a huge amount to Apple, it remains the default search provider annually. Another problem caused other companies associated with online services to call for action against the firm.


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