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‘GTA 5’ actor calls out ‘GTA 6’ leakers for clickbait schemes


Grand Theft Auto V actor Ned Luke calls out supposed leakers of the game’s next series. Luke warns his followers that the GTA VI leaks are just clickbait.

Circulation of rumors and leaks has been a common trend in many industries. The game industry is one of the favorite subjects of the rumor mill.

GTA V was released in September 2013. This year marks its 7th year and fans are still hanging dry with any follow up game to the series.

This has led fans to pick up even the smallest hints about the next game in line. Most of the time, it’ll be about the storyline of the game, supposed characters or concepts, or if there’s VR support or not.

Instagram live of GTA 5 actors

Just recently, Ned Luke who played Michael in Grand Theft Auto V did an Instagram live stream with fellow actor Shawn Fonteno, who voiced Franklin Clinton.

While reading his fans’ comments, he came across one fan who tried to confirm a GTA 6 rumor from him.

He reads the comment, which suggested that GTA 6 might be made in Vice City. This triggered the actor and reacted while still on live. He said:

“How do all these people get all this information? People, do you not understand? Do not believe anything you see on the internet from BossManF***TheWorld, or whatever his name is, or any of those guys.”

Luke was referring to a specific GTA leaker and all of those similar to him. The actor goes on to discredit these supposed leakers.

He informed:

“They have no inside information. They’re just clickbait. If you hear it from Rockstar, then you know.”

The video recording of the live stream is no longer available on Instagram, but a follower was able to take a snippet of it and posted it on Twitter.

As expected, Luke neither denied nor confirmed the rumor. He didn’t give any insight about it as well.

Origin of GTA 6 Vice City rumor

As mentioned, there have been rumors that Grand Theft Auto VI will be set in Vice City. The rumors started when the game’s website was, reportedly, changed to “”.

This supposed change was taken by GTA fans as a hinted move by Rockstar Games in preparation for the sixth installation of the game series.

In a Reddit thread, one user noticed that the controversial URL can no longer redirect to the game’s official website. Instead of dropping the hint, fans are now more convinced that the GTA 6 launch is just around the corner.

One user noted that this usually happens when the website is ready to launch.

Rockstar Games continue to keep mum amid all the speculations. Meanwhile, GTA 5 is still well-loved by its fans, as it is still selling in incredible numbers.

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