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‘GTA 5 Online’ to give $500,000 in-game reward for playing


Beginning May 1, players who would choose to log into their GTA 5 Online account will be subject to a $500,000 reward that will go into their Maze accounts after seven days.

If the reward of half a million dollars is not enough to motivate players to continue playing, the developers also launched some other benefits. This includes a boost to the game’s rewards multipliers lasting for a week and a slew of in-game sales.

A Lot More Rewards

Most notable of this reward multiplier event is the Business Battles that gives players triple rewards for a limited time.

In addition, the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series is also offering twice the reward until Wednesday.

Players who have a thing for stealing and selling special cargo may get twice the reward than usual, lasting until May 6, 2020.

Risk-takers who like to gamble for large prizes will also get a chance to get a new set of wheels at the Diamond Casino, via the Lucky Wheel.

While the gamble can land a player all sorts of prizes, the biggest is undoubtedly the Pegassi Reaper, a luxurious sports car. Interested players, however, only have until May 6 to have a chance at owning the limited hypercar.

Massive Discounts

However, for those with just the right moolah and is seeking something splurge on, two cars will also be on sale. Both the Pfister 811 and the Declasses Drift Yosemite will be on sale at 80% and 60%, respectively.

In celebration of the Laser Tech in GTA 5 Online, the game is also holding a 40% sale. This means that players can now own an Unholy Hellbringer, Widowmaker, and Up-N-Atomizer for 40% less than their usual price.

To the business-minded who likes the idea of investing in some properties in-game, nightclubs are temporarily being sold at 40% discount as well. To the uninitiated, GTA 5 Online has a simple economics system that nets players in-game money over time through owned properties.

Twitch Prime members will also see themselves getting perk in the game. Particularly, they would be getting some cashbacks for the Pixel Pete’s Arcade in Paleto Bay.

Meanwhile, in light of the ongoing Pandemic, both Rockstar and Take-Two are rolling out a charity, based on online sales. Not every sale will proceed to the cause, however.  But players can choose to spend real money in the game, where a portion of the sales goes to the cause.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Rockstar Games

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