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‘GTA 6’ release: More news coming with PS5 and Xbox Series X launch


GTA 6, as per Rockstar Games, has not gotten its announcement and release date yet as the team is working on new projects.

Grand Theft Auto has continued to gather new content for GTA 5. But now, gamers have shifted their attention to GTA 6, and they want to have a peek as to what lies in the future releases.

Rockstar is working on multiple projects

Since its release, Grand Theft Auto has surely smashed the records and the office by gathering appreciation and increasing purchases. But fans have spotted something new this week.

Rockstar Games is supposed to work on their upcoming multiple projects for all the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

The GTA 6 release date has not been anticipated, and it won’t be happening until the late months of 2022. There is plenty of times for other games to be announced by the company.

Ever since GTA online has been a smash-hit with the fans, Rockstar has been allegedly seen to work on multiple projects with multiplayer content. Games like GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption was launched after several delays in 2018, but both the games have been profitable.

GTA Online is a huge cash cow now

A recent find by gamers has shown that Rockstar Games, after the success of their releases, can now handle bigger projects on their hand.

GTA 6 has become a fun endeavor for the fans. Every single one of them is waiting for the full reveal of what shall be in. CharlieIntel, a member of Rockstar Games, has said that the new game is in the works.

They have even updated their page to include a tiny snippet of information.

A new title is in the works

Surely, GTA 6 is one of the few new games that Rockstar Games are working on now.

Unfortunately, the page where the information was shared has now been removed. No one knows what the gaming company can be working on or what shall be their upcoming project.

Bully 2 was even in the works for PS5 and Xbox One. Eventually, the game got canned on its release before it could be announced to the public.

GTA 6 and Bully are not the only high priced games that Rockstar Games are working on for 2021.

Fans are hopeful that the company will share some announcements during the Superbowl. Rockstar Games have said that they are not working on the announcement as of now as the company shall share the news once everything has been settled.

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