‘GTA Online’ is giving away double rewards and freebies for entire week

GTA V Online is giving away free clothes, vehicle discounts, and tons of other surprises for this week.

Rockstar Games recently released their weekly update for GTA V Online bringing with it tons of surprises including discounts for vehicle upgrades, double rewards for contact missions, and free clothes among others beginning April 16 until April 22.

Double GTA$ and RP for Contact Missions

Players shouldn’t ignore their iFruit devices for a whole week because Contact Missions would be giving away twice the GTA$ and RP rewards. Furthermore, missions can be replayed once they are completed. Just pause the game and head on to Online, then click Jobs followed by Rockstar Created and finally Missions.

Three times the charm for Keep the Pace

Contact Missions aren’t the only ones giving away bonuses. In fact, Keep the Pace just took a step further by giving away thrice the GTA$ and RP rewards. That is if a player would be able to overcome all other competitors in the game.

Weed opportunities

Since GTA V is one big legal grey-area, players can also find profit selling weed as bikers will be rewarded double cash rewards on all weed business sales for the whole week. Not only that, but re-supplies are also half off.

Lucky Wheel

For the whole week, the Diamond Casino & Resort will be offering a white-striped Ocelot Pariah as the grand prize for the Lucky Wheel. For those not lucky enough to win the brand new car, they will still get a chance to win clothes, accessories, and even GTA money.


'GTA Online' is giving away double rewards and freebies for entire week

70% off on Benny’s custom vehicle upgrades

Players heading down to Benny’s for a tune-up will definitely be in for a surprise because upgrades for a number of vehicles will be 70% off and they are listed as follow:

  • Bravado Banshee (900R)
  • Albany Buccaneer (Custom
  • Pfister Comet (Retro Custom)
  • Annis Elegy RH8 (Retro Custom)
  • Progen Itali GTB (Custom)
  • Declasse Moonbeam (Custom)
  • Vapid Chino (Custom)
  • Principe Diabolus (Custom)
  • Truffade Nero (Custom)
  • Albany Primo (Custom)
  • Karin Sultan (RS)
  • Declasse Tornado (Custom)
  • Declasse Sabre Turbo (Custom)
  • Vapid Slamvan (Custom)
  • Dewbauchee Specter (Custom)
  • Dundreary Virgo Classic (Custom)
  • Declasse Voodoo (Custom)

Other discounts

Rockstar Games will also be offering tons of other discounts for vehicle purchases. The Överflöd Tyrant is currently 40% off along with the Mammoth Hydra while the Ocelot Ardent and the Pegassi Zentorno are being sold with a 60% discount.

Earlier Rockstar Games announced that they would be giving away $500,000 of game money for players that will log-in for the month of April. However, a glitch in the game had allowed some players to receive the gift a number of times while others received nothing, and what’s worse, all of their properties were wiped. The glitch has since been fixed.


Images courtesy of Rockstar Games

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